Arab Musicians putting on a spectacular show at Dubai Metro Music Festival

Arab Musicians putting on a spectacular show at Dubai Metro Music Festival

The rich experimentation and daring creativity of the Arab world’s music scene is on show at the second edition of the Dubai Metro Music Festival. Combining traditional rhythms drawn from the region’s age-old musical heritage with contemporary melodies and beats, talented Arab artists have enchanted Dubai Metro commuters throughout the festival.

The second edition of the Metro Musical Festival is a testament to Dubai’s ability to offer a platform for musicians from across the world to express their talent. Arab musicians in particular have gravitated towards Dubai to seek opportunities to reach wider audiences and gain recognition for their accomplishments

With a culturally more diverse audience than anywhere else in the region, Dubai Metro Music Festival, has offered Arab musicians opportunities to raise their profile and exposure. Five Dubai Metro stations have been turned inneikhspecat

“We are so excited to be part of this event and play our music in front of large crowds, the Festival gives us a wonderful platform to experiment with different musical styles and perform in front of a cosmopolitan audience,”

said Jeeda and her twin sister Meera said.

Among the other Arab musicians who have drawn big crowds at the Festival is the Egyptian flute recorder beatbox artist Taj Al Din who goes by the pseudonym Al Taj. With a huge TikTok following of about 800,000, his fusion of Arab and Western musical rhythms has got Festival audiences tapping their feet. Based in Amman, Jordan, the artist has participated in many theatre productions both as a musician and actor.

Al Taj says the Dubai Metro Music Festival offers him an opportunity to introduce his unique beatboxing style with pieces specially prepared for the event. Perfect for on-the-go urban audiences, such as commuters in Dubai Metro stations, his performances blend Arab and western melodies into a harmonious whole.

Also hailing from Egypt is Dubai-based guitarist Moe Bass who is presenting his renditions of the pieces of great Arab musicians and composers at the Festival. Speaking about performing in Dubai, he says:

"It is the dream of every Arab artist to perform in front of this city’s multicultural audience. Dubai provides an environment for artists and creatives from all over the world to flourish,"

Another Egyptian musician Mohamed Hosni is bringing to the fore his multiple talents as a singer, oud player and songwriter, with his solo performances at the Festival.

Also drumming up large crowds at the Festival is Syrian musician Inas Halal, who plays the darbuka and other percussion instruments. Considered the first female Syrian percussionist, Halal is fascinated with the power of sound and vibration to enhance health and wellbeing and relieve stress, depression and insomnia. The artist, who is playing six instruments at the Festival including the tabla, ludo, sundrum, bongos, and the kakhon, says Dubai provides a supportive platform for musicians to excel.

"Dubai gives performers from all over the world the opportunity to express their creative vision and evolve and grow as musicians,” she says.

Over 20 musicians from the UAE, the region and across the world are performing at the Dubai Metro Music Festival being held from 16-22 March. Performances are staged at five Dubai Metro stations - Expo 2020 Dubai, Jebel Ali, Mall of Emirates, Burjuman and Union - from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm. All the performances are rotated across the week-long festival to cover the five metro stations.

The Festival is organised by Brand Dubai in partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). LCC Waikiki is the official sponsor of the event.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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