Best Perfume Shops in Dubai: Safia, Ajmal Perfumes & more

Best Perfume Shops in Dubai: Safia, Ajmal Perfumes & more

If you're on the hunt for an exceptional perfume in Dubai or looking to delve beyond your usual fragrance choices, the city's perfume shops offer a treasure trove of options. These stores are a must-visit for anyone seeking unique and pure scents, crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with the rich influence of Middle Eastern culture. These perfumeries not only provide an array of choices for personal indulgence but also serve as ideal spots for finding extraordinary gifts that capture the essence of luxury and tradition.

Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes, founded in the early 1950s by the late Haji Ajmal Ali in India, has evolved from a humble beginning to a renowned global perfume brand.

Ajmal Perfumes is celebrated for crafting unique scents that evoke memories, with a diverse portfolio of over 300 fragrances. Their presence spans globally, with more than 300 retail outlets across the GCC and in over 50 countries worldwide. They also have a notable presence in duty-free locations and international airlines.

Their product range includes mesmerizing fragrances for men and women, unisex perfumes like the popular Qafiya series, and an assortment of home fragrances and gift sets. They offer bespoke fragrance services for personalized gifts and special events. Some of their latest fragrances include Aurum Winter, Verde, Amber Poivre, and Incense Wood.

The brand is recognized for its exceptional scents, each designed to unlock cherished memories and leave a lasting impression.

Locations & Contact: Multiple locations. The more prominent ones include:

  • The Dubai Mall: +971 4 3399303
  • Mirdif City Centre: +971 4 2840400
  • Mall of the Emirates: +971 4 3414151
  • Burjuman Mall: +971 4 3515505
  • Ibrahim & Bros Building, Satwa: +971 4 3441010


Aquaflor is a distinguished Florentine perfumery, born from the vision of art and craftsmanship enthusiasts. Aquaflor began in a single room with the ambition of creating not just a perfumery but a sensorial experience for visitors, offering a journey through scents and beauty.

The brand offers a variety of home fragrances, diffusers, sprays, and an array of rich perfumes and colognes. It stands out for its beautiful gift sets, which customers can personalize, making it a go-to destination for those seeking the perfect gift. Aquaflor's commitment to quality and the art of perfumery is evident in its luxurious product range and unique shopping experience.

Atelier Perfumery

Atelier Perfumery, established in 2015 by Mr. Adnan and Mr. Abdullah, is a leading provider of luxury perfumes for both men and women in the UAE. Known for its extensive collection, the brand offers a wide range of products including room sprays, candles, diffusers, Bukhoor, hair mists, body lotions, creams, shower gels, hair oils, and body powder.

The store prides itself on offering sensational scents that are crafted with original and natural ingredients, ensuring quality and authenticity in every product. Among its key brands are Jouri, Nasomatto, Prada, Orto Parisi, JFS Berlin, and Lorenzo Villoresi.

The store is a destination for those seeking both well-known labels and unique scents, offering a rich selection of perfumes, unisex fragrances, and hair oils.

Locations & Contact:

  • Galleria Mall Jumeirah: +971 56 538 3903
  • Mirdif City Center: +971 4 324 8100
  • Four Seasons Resort Dubai: +971 56 415 4557

My Perfumes Select

My Perfumes Select is a tribute to the art of perfumery, creating a unique series of scents that celebrate the history of fragrances. It stands out as a pioneer in the perfume industry by introducing the first Eau de Parfum (EDP) with 0% alcohol, blending French and Oriental aromas to create luxurious, long-lasting fragrances. This innovation makes it suitable for all skin types and enhances its global appeal due to its gentle nature.

My Perfumes Select offers a luxurious range of fragrance products, crafted with the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world. Their collection includes a variety of items such as air fresheners, Bakhoor, Oud Muattar, Parfum d'Ambiance, and gift sets. The perfumes are categorized as Extrait De Parfum, known for their high concentration and long-lasting scent.

Their best-selling products include scents like Magic Rose, Vanilla Addiction, and Oud Nectar, each offering a distinct fragrance experience.

Locations & Contact:

  • Gold Souq Deira: +971 4 225 3323
  • Gold Souq Extension: +971 4 256 6070

Rasasi Perfumes

Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC, a family-owned business in Dubai, was established in 1979 by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar. The company has grown significantly over nearly four decades, earning a reputation for creating high-quality, luxurious, and elegant fragrances.

Rasasi is renowned in the UAE and globally for both its Oriental and Occidental perfume lines. The company was a pioneer in establishing exclusive mono-brand fragrance stores and a trendsetter in the regional perfume retail industry. One of its major successes was the launch of 'Blue Lady,' a flagship product in its Occidental perfume range.

The brand continuously strives to create the finest perfumes that embody sophistication and mastery over fragrance blending.

Location & Contact: Multiple locations. The more prominent ones include:

  • Jumeirah Palm Strip: +971 4 345 6961
  • Mirdif City Centre: +971 4 284 0121
  • Deira City Centre: +971 4 295 0670
  • Dubai Festival City Mall: +971 4 234 9925

Taif Al Emarat

Taif Al Emarat is a distinguished fragrance brand established in the United Arab Emirates in 2006. The brand is particularly noted for its selection of natural and rare ingredients like Oud, amber, and essential oils.

Their meticulous approach extends from the fragrance development to the design, manufacturing, and packaging, managed by specialized and highly qualified teams. Their collections cater to various preferences, with notable ones including the Etihad Collection, GCC Collection, Taif Collection, Romance Collection, Violet Collection, and the Aged Dehn Oud Collection.

They also feature specialized collections such as the Lavish Dehn Oud Collection, Bakhoor Collection, Agarwood Collection, and Oud with Oud Collection, among others.

Additionally, Taif Al Emarat presents unique product lines like the Fragrant Oud Collection, Enhanced Oud Collection, Air Freshener Collection, Musk Collection, and the Peacock Collection. For those seeking more personalized options, they offer customized fragrances and gift sets.

Location & Contact: Multiple locations. The more prominent ones include:

  • Fashion Avenue Dubai Mall: +971 4 330 0242
  • Dubai Hills Mall: +971 4 336 5000
  • City Walk: +971 4 343 0788
  • Madinat Jumeirah: +971 50 633 3279
  • Mall of Emirates: +971 50 279 2651

Swiss Arabian Perfumes

Swiss Arabian, established in 1974 by Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, holds the distinction of being the first perfume house in the UAE. The brand epitomizes the fusion of Eastern and Western craftsmanship, celebrating the amalgamation of two distinct cultural approaches to perfumery.

In its commitment to quality and authenticity, Swiss Arabian uses natural extracts of materials like oud, amber, and musk in its perfumes, while ensuring compliance with regulations by avoiding banned ingredients.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes offers a diverse and exquisite range of fragrances that combine Arabian perfumery traditions with modern sensibilities. Their collections include a variety of perfumes like Wild Spirit, Wajd, and Valencia, each with unique notes ranging from fruity and floral to oriental and woody. The brand also features perfume oils, incense, and home fragrances, catering to different tastes and occasions​.

Loccations & Contact:

  • Mall of Emirates: +971 52 607 3830
  • Madina Mall Al Qusais: +971 52 607 3850
  • Oasis Mall: +971 52 607 3836
  • Dubai Festival City Mall: +971 52 607 3833

Safia Perfumes

Safia Perfumes, established in 1989, is a renowned perfume retailer in Dubai with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Safia Perfumes emphasizes providing high-quality, original designer fragrances at reasonable prices.

The company boasts an extensive range of popular brands like Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and more, catering to both men and women. They are known for their affordable pricing, with special deals on men’s and women’s perfumes under AED 100 and AED 50, making them a go-to destination for perfume enthusiasts seeking quality fragrances without the high cost.

Their mission is to be a trusted global provider of quality perfumes, combining exceptional service, a wide variety, remarkable quality, and unbeatable prices.

Locations & Contact:

  • Al Karama (Opp Post Office): +971 4 396 8536
  • Al Satwa (Near Ravi Restaurant): +971 4 349 9250
  • Deira Al Warba Centre: +971 4 295 5182
  • D-Cluster, JLT (Near DMCC Metro Station): +971 56 799 2394

Hopefully, this article has been a valuable guide in your quest for exquisite perfumes in Dubai, making your search for the perfect scent both enjoyable and effortless.

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