Consumer Protection team in Dubai Economy meets sales outlets in preparation of Ramadan

Consumer Protection team in Dubai Economy meets sales outlets in preparation of Ramadan

Representatives from the Consumer Protection Department in Dubai Economy have met with major sales outlets management teams in the emirate to emphasize the importance of preparations ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The meetings focused on the importance of addressing consumer needs as well as ensuring that their complaints are dealt with professionally and with due regard to protecting consumer rights.

Dubai Economy reminded sales outlets about the importance of adhering to the general requirements of doing business in the emirate during the holy month, particularly the guidelines on displaying products and their prices. Sales outlets must ensure that prices paid by the consumer are consistent with the approved prices. The call centre number and other channels for consumers to communicate with the Consumer Protection Department in Dubai Economy in the event of any complaints, enquiries or remarks must be displayed prominently near the cash counters.

Dubai Economy also urged merchants to adhere to the requirements relating to prices, permits, and promotional offers as well as events. Details relating to such promotions, events and prices must be displayed clearly and legibly so that consumers can understand them easily.

Sales outlets were also directed to adhere to the stipulated number of employees, workers and visitors and the precautionary guidelines issued in light of COVID-19 in order to ensure public health and safety. Inspectors from Dubai Economic will continue to visit sales outlets to verify their compliance with precautionary measures and increase awareness of the same.

Ahmad Al Zaabi, Director of the Consumer Protection Department, emphasized that Dubai Economy seeks to maintain cordial relations between merchants and consumers with the goal of increasing consumer confidence and reaching the best solution in the event of a complaint or problem a consumer might face while shopping. Al Zaabi called on merchants and sales outlets to cooperate with consumers to find an amicable solution in the event of a complaint on a product or service without having to escalate the issue to Dubai Economy. The Consumer Protection Department is always ready to step forward and assist in case the merchant and consumer fail to reach a satisfactory solution, said Al Zaabi.

Dubai Economy is also following up with the sales outlets and ensuring that all necessary products are available for consumers in sufficient quantities, especially during Ramadan. Merchants and outlets have confirmed that they are well equipped to meet the expected consumer demand throughout the holy month.

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