Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy to collaborate with International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture to develop new skills & opportunities

Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy to collaborate with International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture to develop new skills & opportunities

Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) as part of promoting sector-level capabilities and creating new entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth in critical sectors.

The Academy will draw on its resources and experience as the educational arm of Dubai SME - the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector – to develop varied programmes with the support of ICBA to enhance the knowledge and skills of university students, women and the youth in general in various disciplines related to agriculture and enable them to be successful entrepreneurs in this sector.

Educational programmes and workshops to develop technical capabilities for scientists, experts and employees working in agriculture and related fields, internship opportunities for university students; joint initiatives to encourage women and the youth into agricultural entrepreneurship are the major objectives set under the MoU. The two sides will develop the programmes and monitor their progress through reciprocal visits and regular bilateral meetings.

Ibtihal Al Naji, Director of DEA, said:

“The Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy is keen to establish partnerships that support the entrepreneurship development and growth in Dubai and the UAE. Through the MoU with the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture we aim to provide high-level vocational training for entrepreneurs in agriculture, which is a sector critical to developing and diversifying the national economy. Thus, we will also be able to develop a new generation that understands the vital role of this sector in sustainable development. ICBA has unique experience and expertise in enhancing agricultural productivity in marginal and saline environments and hence, they can play a significant role in developing technical as well as administrative knowledge and skills on related to agriculture among the groups targeted.”

Dr Tarifa Al Zaabi, Deputy Director General of ICBA, said:

“We are proud to partner with the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy, and we are certain that it will lead to outstanding results. We are also proud to jointly hold and organise a winter camp titled Bareim ‘Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Sector,’ a specialised programme that aims to inculcate knowledge on agricultural productivity and investment skills while also developing a generation that loves the environment. The objective is to extend an opportunity for the target groups to become pioneers and agricultural investors who would contribute to developing agriculture and achieving food security in the UAE. The programme beginning on the 29th of December is also supported by the The Gracia Group.”

Participants in the three-day camp will learn about the basics as well as critical importance of agriculture as a sector, modern agricultural systems, importance of the spirit of responsibility and in agriculture, and the most important steps and characteristics of an agricultural entrepreneur.

The first day of the camp will introduce participants to the importance of agriculture in our lives as well as in the UAE as a nation, and the shape of future farms. Day 2 will focus on the challenges facing agriculture in the UAE and worldwide, reasons for people abandoning agriculture, agricultural technologies and systems in the UAE, and agricultural investment, among others. The third day will include an educational tour of the ICBA as well as a virtual tour of the modern systems and applications used in The Gracia Farm. The day will conclude with a training workshop for parents titled ‘Be productive,’ that would teach them how to positively engage their children.

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