DEWA recommends LED lighting & smart irrigation systems to conserve electricity & water

DEWA recommends LED lighting & smart irrigation systems to conserve electricity & water

As part of its efforts to reduce electricity and water usage, officials at DEWA emphasised the importance of using the eco-friendly features of home appliances to reduce electricity and water consumption.

LED bulbs usage for indoor & outdoor lighting is more efficient than conventional bulbs since they release less heat and have a longer lifespan. It is recommended to use light-detectors in order to switch off outdoor lightings during the day. Customers can also use dimmers and timers that control the use of lighting at specific times. Direct lighting is recommended for some parts of the room instead of the full room. Modern and smart systems are best to control and schedule lighting and AC using smart phones and devices.

DEWA said that adjusting the display settings, image contrast and brightness of the TV can reduce electricity.  Using a thermostat enables setting the AC temperature and controlling the heat in the best possible way. DEWA advises to adjust the AC temperature to 24 degrees Celsius which is ideal when you are indoors, while it can be set to 27 degrees Celsius or turned off when you are leaving the house.

DEWA highlighted the importance of using smart irrigation systems, soil moisture sensors, and automatic sprinkler adjustments according to seasonal needs and climate conditions. It is also important to regularly check the connections to ensure there is no leakage.

To avoid over evaporation, customers should use light sprinklers between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM. DEWA has recently issued the Handbook of Electricity and Water Conservation Measures, to inform residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers about technologies and systems to reduce their usage of electricity and water.

News Source: Government Of Dubai Media Office

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