DEWA urges careful electrical appliance usage amid summer season

DEWA urges careful electrical appliance usage amid summer season

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has urged the public to take all necessary measures to avoid the risk of fire due to misuse of electrical appliances and connections with increasing temperatures in summer or failure to conduct periodic maintenance.

DEWA called on customers to use its smart services and the tips on its website and smart app to protect individuals and their property and ensure safe electricity usage. DEWA also stressed the importance of using original, high-quality electrical appliances that meet safety standards and accredited technicians to carry out installation and maintenance instead of dealing directly with electric sources.

DEWA highlighted the importance of guaranteeing the safety of connections, extensions, electrical wires, and plugs, especially in summer and ensuring that appliances stay within their capacity, operation limits, or overloaded. DEWA also pointed out the need to avoid connecting multiple devices to electrical supply sources that exceed their capacity.

For internal connections at homes, DEWA urged customers to cover wires using proper insulation and be careful of exposed wires and damaged electrical parts, which should be replaced immediately or covered with insulated tape until replaced. Customers should ensure that electrical wires do not pass through corridors, doors, or windows.

To protect electrical appliances, DEWA recommends the following preventive measures: the use of heat-producing devices such as an iron, water boiler, or electric oven via the plug directly without using a connection, paying attention to electric kettles switched on and putting sufficient water during operation, disconnecting the power source when you have finished, placing electrical appliances in a visible and well-ventilated area, away from fabrics and curtains, preventing dust from accumulating on devices, and ensuring adequate ventilation behind electrical appliances, such as the refrigerator and the wall.

DEWA encourages all customers to use the services of a competent technician to carry out regular maintenance work. Through the DEWA Store on its smart app, it provides a reliable list of technical service providers in the event of internal faults in the building. Customers can also benefit from the exclusive discounts on DEWA Store.

DEWA’s emergency number, 991, is also available for urgent technical notifications.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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