Experience boundless creativity at DIFC Sculpture Park in Dubai

Experience boundless creativity at DIFC Sculpture Park in Dubai

The city of skyscrapers has created a haven for art lovers in the region. Dubai is home to award-winning art galleries, installations, and festivals. Throughout the city, you can find culture-fuelled hubs, street art installations, and wall art. Various free art events and exhibitions are often organized by the cultural authorities of Dubai to nurture the creativity and interest of the citizens towards art.

DIFC Sculpture Park is one of the latest attractions brought forth by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority. DIFC or Dubai International Financial Centre is popular for business and finances in the region. It is a major hub of financial activity in the UAE housing several financial institutions like MENA Financial Group Limited. DIFC currently is home to Sculpture Park.

DIFC Sculpture Park

DIFC Sculpture Park is an open-air gallery that features creative art installations by renowned artists from around the world. At this outdoor exhibition, you can see contemporary art and sculpture attracting tourists and locals alike. The sculpture park is unveiled near the iconic Gate Building of DIFC.

This outdoor gallery is currently running for the second time. In 2022, the sculpture park was opened as a tribute to the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebration. However, the success of the art event led to a second edition in 2023. The 2nd edition of DIFC Sculpture Park is held between 7 February 2023 to 30 September 2023. This year will see the event under the theme ‘Tales Under The Gate’.

The DIFC Sculpture Park is aiming to offer a creative line-up of modern, futuristic, innovative, and cutting-edge artistic masterpieces of established and independent artists. These art installations also represent diverse art movements from around the world. This spectacular artistic experience supports Dubai’s cultural vision which aims at making art more accessible to the public. The event also upholds Dubai’s reputation as a global destination for culture, innovation, and talent.

What can you expect at DIFC Sculpture Park

The DIFC Sculpture Park spans 13,000 square meters offering a unique art experience to visitors. The sculpture park showcases over 50 contemporary sculptures crafted by renowned artists. You can find art pieces and sculptures that range from abstract to figurative and from small to monumental in scale.

This open-air art gallery has creative pieces from well-established galleries like Zieta Studio, Leila Heller Gallery, AWC Gallery, Oblong Gallery, and Firetti Contemporary. You can also see works of popular artists like Salvador Dali, Lorenzo Quinn, and Natalie Clark.

Some of the popular art pieces you can find at DIFC Sculpture Park are:

Women of Time

Women of Time is a popular artwork by Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist artist popular for his technical skill, precise draftsmanship, and bizarre symbols. This art piece features Dali’s popular symbol, the melting clock.


Together is an art piece by Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor popular for his sculptures that feature hands to convey authentic emotions and abstract faith. The sculpture features two hands emerging from the ground representing the power of human cooperation and unity.


Give is another popular artwork by Lorenzo Quinn at this year’s DIFC Sculpture Park. The art piece features two hands from which a tree grows symbolizing humans, nature, and unity.

Pillar of Fortitude

Pillar of Fortitude by Helidon Xhixha is a sculpture representing 7 emirates of UAE standing tall and united. The artwork soars upwards toward the sky symbolizing the country’s journey toward a prosperous and limitless future.

Reaching Up High

Reaching Up High is a unique sculpture crafted by the talented Kalliopi Lemos. The unique structure resembles a seed germinating and growing up high.

Hercules is a DJ

Hercules is a DJ is a masterpiece of Turkish sculptor and graphic designer, Emre Yusufi. The sculpture features Hercules listening to music on headphones. The headphones have intricate designs painted on them bringing contrast to the pale Hercules figure.

The Flying Horse

The Flying Horse is one of the popular structures at DIFC Sculpture Park. This beautiful art piece is by Antonio Signorini, an Italian sculptor, popular for his monumental art, painting, and sculptures.

Entry Tickets to DIFC Sculpture Park

The event is public and free of charge.

Where is DIFC Sculpture Park

DIFC Sculpture Park is located at Dubai International Financial Centre. This open-air exhibition stretches from Gate Building to Gate Avenue.

How to reach DIFC Sculpture Park

DIFC is situated in Dubai’s prime location and hence most of the public transport will take you here. You can take the metro red line and get down at the Dubai International Financial Centre metro station or Emirates Tower metro station. From the Emirates Tower metro station, the Gate Building is at a walkable distance of 350 meters. There are many RTA buses that take you to DIFC. Visit RTA Journey Planner to know which bus to take from your location.

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