Dubai Chambers hosts webinar on Green Finance and Investment Opportunities

Dubai Chambers hosts webinar on Green Finance and Investment Opportunities

Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has hosted a webinar focusing on Green Finance and Investment Opportunities.

Held by the chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business as part of its new Sustainability Knowledge Series, the engaging online session attracted a total of 216 participants.

The webinar provided valuable insights and guidance aimed at helping companies to access green finance, attract green investment projects, share best practices, and inspire participants to embed sustainability throughout their investment strategies. The session also addressed several key sustainable finance challenges and explored potential solutions.

The Chamber highlighted the remarkable growth of local and global green finance, as well as the increasing role of the next generation of business leaders in addressing sustainability challenges. In addition, the session provided details about the Centre for Responsible Business’ upcoming series of programmes and events, culminating with hosting the chamber’s Sustainability Week during the final quarter of the year.

Guest speakers representing organisations including Mashreq, EnerTech Holding Company, and Deloitte Middle East discussed the importance of sustainable finance and how the concept has gained momentum over the past two years, as well as sharing their knowledge on sustainable finance.

A survey conducted during the webinar revealed that most participants had a general understanding of green finance and faced challenges in accessing green finance to support their sustainability projects. The results indicated room for improvement in broadening the knowledge and adoption of green finance. Participants also strongly supported governments providing incentives or regulatory frameworks to encourage greater participation in green finance initiatives.

The webinar concluded by presenting several recommendations based on the survey results and discussions during the session. These included working to raise awareness of green finance within the business community and establishing platforms and initiatives to connect businesses with potential lenders, investors, and financial institutions specialising in sustainable finance.

Participants in the survey also suggested that policymakers should collaborate with financial institutions, businesses, and leading experts in the field to design and implement supportive regulations.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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