Dubai Customs to boost customs inspection operations with three advanced innovations

Dubai Customs to boost customs inspection operations with three advanced innovations

Visitors to PCFC’s pavilion at Gitex Global 2022; the world’s biggest tech show, had the unique chance to learn more about three of Dubai Customs’ creative projects: The Smart Deterrence Inspection Drone, Siyaj Buggy, and the Customs Dolphins.

The Smart Deterrence Inspection Drone is an advanced drone used to help with customs inspection operations in rugged, dangerous, confined and difficult-to-reach spots. It is used to replace inspectors in dangerous places and keep them safe.

Its protective cover is designed by 3D printers and the drone is equipped with 4K cameras, and night vision to shoot and record different suspicious activities. It is integrated with Dubai Customs’ Control Room. The drone is equipped with an AI-based self-protection mechanism to analyze the surrounding environment for potential hazards such as high winds, low battery conditions, dangerous altitudes, and GPS navigation.

Siyaj Buggy is an advanced inspection buggy that can go under vehicles, with ability to take high-resolution photos, recording and storing, in addition to 360-degree 30-meter shooting range.

The Customs Dolphin is a marine robot that resembles the dolphin in shape, which is equipped with advanced technologies including a waterproof 12 megapixel 4k camera, attached to a robotic arm that can move around to cover a 220-degree angle. The submarine can swim at a speed of 8 knots or 16km/hour, and it can record live videos and take high-resolution stills. It also can scan certain spots underwater with the help of the GPS. Range of control and streaming is around 1,000 metres.

Inspectors can control the customs dolphins remotely and send them to monitor the marine vessels and their movements before they enter the port to detect any attempts by them to get rid of the prohibited goods before the ship enters the customs inspection pier.

One of Dubai Customs’ strategic priorities is the development of the customs inspection division, which is responsible for protecting the society and the economy from the hazards of prohibited and illegitimate goods, while facilitating trade and tourism activity in the emirate following the directives of the emirate’s wise leadership.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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