DFWAC scores high on accessibility for people of determination

DFWAC scores high on accessibility for people of determination

Dubai Executive Council lists DFWAC app among best smart apps in accessibility assessment for people of determination

Adding yet another feather to its cap, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has scored high in the accessibility assessment of digital channels for people of determination 2021, with the Dubai Executive Council listing its app among the smart apps with the best results, awarding it a 10/10 score for its level of criteria-compliance in the accessibility assessment.

Expressing its pride in the results, the foundation attributed the new achievement to its commitment to providing outstanding digital content developed and designed by a highly-qualified cadre in accordance with the highest smart app standards, adding that its digital content has fulfilled all necessary requirements and specifications set by authorities concerned with smart applications.

HE Shaikha Saeed Almansouri, Acting Director-General of DFWAC, said:

"The honor comes in recognition of the foundation’s relentless development efforts made to hit new milestones and build on its successes. From designing qualitative and flexible methodologies to enhancing and developing digital reality and boosting the foundation’s competitiveness, we are making every possible effort to reach new heights of innovation and excellence, and upgrade the quality of our smart services. "

An award ceremony has been held by the DFWAC to honor all teams behind the accomplishment, with the IT team receiving a special honor for its pivotal role in promoting the foundation’s digital reality and providing an advanced digital environment.

Lauding the unwavering contributions of all employees, who were described as the backbone of the foundation, Almansouri said that the tangible local and international achievements made over the past few years would not have been possible had it not been for the dedication, painstaking effort, efficiency, and unlimited perseverance of employees who were committed to improving and developing services for all targeted members of society.

"Today, we recognize a deserving group of employees whose exceptional efforts made it evident that the organization had achieved its primary goals and turned them from merely written plans and futuristic dreams into concrete realities. With our app being recognized as one of in top smart app in the accessibility assessment of digital channels for people of determination 2021,, we sense the benefits of our forward-looking plans and strategies, which played a significant role in achieving outstanding results in the customer, partner, and employee happiness indicators, "

added Almansouri.

She urged all workers to work harder to actualize the astute vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who has always believed that excellence is a culture in the UAE and that what we have achieved in terms of development and progress in every sphere of life is the result of our commitment to meet the aspirations of our people.

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