Dubai records highest number of plastic surgeons among top cities globally

Dubai records highest number of plastic surgeons among top cities globally

Dubai has the highest number of plastic surgeons among top cities globally, with over 300 of them, considering the population density in the emirates.

Dr Jamal Juma, who is the president of the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies (ICOPLAST) Dubai Congress 2023 and the Arab Association of Surgical and Medical Aesthetics, stated,

"Dubai tops the list for having the maximum number of plastic surgeons considering the density of population."

At the ICOPLAST congress at the World Trade Centre from May 5 to May 7, Dr Juma said,

"The standard average is to have one plastic surgeon per 100,000 people.

And considering Dubai's population of over three million, 30 surgeons are required. However, we have over 300 plastic surgeons, making it the highest per capita in the world, more than New York, Los Angeles, and London."

The ICOPLAST conference is bringing together a group of renowned plastic surgeons, specialists, researchers, and business leaders from around the globe. This gathering aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, explore the latest developments and breakthroughs in the plastic surgery field, and encourage thought-provoking discussions and debates.

Hundreds of top surgeons from as many as 83 countries shared their knowledge and experience to translate into patient care and safety.

"The surgeons discuss approaching difficult cases and problems, methods, and technologies implemented in practices,"

said Dr Juma.

Dr Jamal Juma

Last month, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said that Dubai saw remarkable growth in medical tourism in 2022, with 674,000 medical tourists spending Dh992 million, an increase of Dh262 million from 2021. Referring to this, Dr Juma feels that the city will have thousands visiting for medical tourism in the near future.

Technologies discussed

At the conference, the participating surgeons discussed numerous novel techniques and inventions in the fields of cosmetology and plastic surgery. The event featured engaging topics such as the use of radio frequency to address skin issues and skin looseness after weight loss or bariatric surgery, as noted by the attendees.

“The technique of radio frequency is a machine that transmits heat waves in the body, the generated heat will make collagen fibers retract and shrink which will have an effect on the outlook,”

said Dr Juma.

However, use of radio frequency in plastic surgery can be risky if not performed by experienced and skilled professionals, as it involves the application of “high energy to a smaller area,”

“When high energy is concentrated in small areas, the transmitted heat it may cause burns,”

said Dr Juma.

Other areas discussed at the conference were using body parts to complement the functions of different areas in the body.

“Patients who have had their breast removed due to cancer, replacing it with similar tissues. And one of the ways is using the tissues from the abdomen fat and shaping the breast,”

said Dr Juma.

He noted that these will have two advantages one is to correct the problem in the abdomen by removing extra fat, and the second is to correct the issue of the breast.

An olympiad for surgeons

The ICOPLAST conference also introduced an innovative training and knowledge-testing concept for plastic surgeons. The event featured a competition among doctors and trainees from 20 countries, where they competed against each other in two rounds, with the winners being awarded a cash prize of $5000 on the third day.

The runners-up received $3000, and the second runner-up was given $2000, according to Dr. Juma. The organisers are optimistic about receiving more participation in the upcoming seasons for both the event and the Olympiad.

Accepting new techniques

"The good thing is that Dubai is implementing all the new technologies. The regulations in Dubai are strict but they are also very fast. When you have all the requirements, you can get approval quickly,”

said Dr Juma.

He further added that many countries have not yet utilised advanced techniques like using gas during surgery.

“We're very familiar with using instruments electrical or pneumatic with air, but using gas for surgery is something new that has been developed.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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