Dubai set to enhance its status as one of the world’s leading Creative Cities

Dubai set to enhance its status as one of the world’s leading Creative Cities

Dubai is predicted to enhance its status as one of the world’s leading Creative Cities, with the city publishing a new report that outlines its initiatives and accomplishments over the last four years and a four-year plan to enhance its creative design offerings. The report forms part of the process of renewing Dubai’s membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

The emirate has been constantly working to improve its policies and contributions as a leading Creative City for design and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Dubai has introduced a host of initiatives and accomplishments in the creative design field to attract the world’s best talent and create a smart and sustainable infrastructure that provides services for different segments of society. Additionally, the city has been hosting international exhibitions and conferences in the design field and adopting global best practices in the sector as well.

For this purpose, Dubai established the Executive Committee for the emirate’s membership in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, led by Dubai Municipality. The Committee included members from different entities such as the Ministry of Youth and Culture, General Secretariat of The Executive Council, the Roads and Transport Authority, Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Dubai Design District, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, Dubai Development Authority and Community Development Authority. The Committee has played a key role in elevating Dubai as an iconic design city and opening new horizons in its growth in the creative and design fields. The report to renew Dubai’s membership in the Creative Cities Network was developed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee also serves as a platform to strengthen the cooperation required to enhance Dubai’s creative economy and grow its design sector. Dubai has placed the design sector at the core of its comprehensive sustainable development plans. The emirate considers design as a vital creative field that can contribute to social, economic and environmental transformation and generate new solutions for challenges facing the city and its community. According to the Community, designing not only adds art to life, but also helps to educate new generations on ways to overcome challenges to sustainability, conserve energy and preserve the country’s heritage.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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