Dubai Sports Council hosts workshop to enhance skills of local staff working in football clubs

Dubai Sports Council hosts workshop to enhance skills of local staff working in football clubs

The Dubai Sports Council (DSC) recently hosted a workshop titled "Performance Analysis Technology to Attract and Develop Talents in Football."

The event aimed to enhance the skills of local staff working in football clubs and companies and to explore effective methods of attracting and nurturing sports talents.

The workshop, which featured renowned experts as lecturers, delved into the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of football. It focused on empowering clubs and academies with advanced scouting and development techniques and fostering well-rounded sports and educational personalities among players.

The Conference Hall at the DSC premises provided the backdrop for the workshop, with coaches and managers from Dubai's governmental and private clubs and academies in attendance. In a testament to the event's regional significance, coaches from the UAE and eight other Arab countries participated remotely via video conferencing technology. They were able to benefit from presentations by the expert lecturers, who shared valuable insights and practical experiences.

The lecturers showcased accredited scouting and coaching programmes tailored to their expertise. These programmes demonstrated the culmination of years of dedicated work and efforts to refine the ideal formula for achieving optimal results. They presented compelling case studies illustrating the successful utilisation of cutting-edge technologies such as the "Player Makers System" and "Video Analysis Systems."

Furthermore, the lecturers emphasised the importance of establishing comprehensive databases as essential references for talent development across various age groups.

The workshop garnered a positive response from the attendees, who actively engaged with the lecturers by posing questions and discussing relevant topics. They praised the event for providing a unique opportunity to explore exceptional professional experiences in the field.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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