Best Food Trucks in Dubai

Best Food Trucks in Dubai

Food trucks have been a staple of urban dining scenes worldwide for decades. Originating as mobile canteens for workers in the early 20th century, they've evolved to become the epicenter of culinary innovation and street food culture. Merging the convenience of fast food with the quality of fine dining, these mobile kitchens offer a unique dining experience that captures the essence of the cities they inhabit.

It's no surprise that the food truck trend has flourished in the sandy terrains of Dubai. With a mix of locals, tourists, and residents from around the globe, the demand for diverse, high-quality, and accessible food is palpable.

But what is it about food trucks that make them so appealing? For one, their mobility allows them to reach a wide audience, setting up shop at beaches, parks, festivals, and bustling street corners. They bridge the gap between high-end restaurants and street-side stalls, providing gourmet dishes at affordable prices.

Moreover, food trucks offer an intimate experience. Chefs are just an order window away, giving patrons a chance to interact, ask questions, and even get recommendations. It's a refreshing departure from the traditional restaurant setting, where chefs and customers are often worlds apart.

Here are some food trucks in Dubai that you simply must explore:

Piazza 17

Piazza17 in City Wak is a charming Italian food truck that promises a delightful dining experience. Renowned for its pizzas, especially the signature and Margarita variants, Piazza17 doesn't stop there. Their menu boasts rich lasagna, sweet mini pancakes, and a range of drinks, from refreshing mojitos to creamy hot chocolate.

What makes the place even more special is its ambiance. While enjoying your meal, you're treated to a lovely view of the iconic Burj Khalifa, all set to the rhythmic backdrop of Latin music. The friendly staff, reasonable prices, and the convenience of free parking nearby further enhance the dining experience.

One of my fav hangout in city walk. This cozy Italian spot is must visit if you are with your family or friends. They have great Italian menu. We ordered their Piazza17 special pizza & margarita pizza both were super delicious & also tried their fresh fruits ice cream.

Staffs are attentive & quick. Great ambience ! We highly recommend this place.

says Sakina M (Google Reviews)

Beyond the classic dining setup, Piazza17 offers a unique "Book a Truck" facility, bringing their delectable menu right to your doorstep. Whether you're hosting guests at home or looking to elevate a special event, this service ensures a memorable culinary treat for your attendees, all in the comfort of your chosen location.

Location: Kiosk 1, City Walk 1

Timings: Open every day from 4 pm - 3 am

Contact: +971 5430 68714

Saddle Cafe

Saddle Café is an equestrian-themed delight that blends Emirati heritage with a modern flair. Its current Hawaiian theme takes visitors on a tropical journey. Step inside, and you're greeted by staff in striking pink attire, set amidst a vibrant Hawaiian-inspired décor.

The menu is a delightful mix of tradition and innovation. Breakfast classics such as avocado toast sit alongside mouthwatering Nutella crepes. Coffee aficionados can rejoice in their range of specialty coffees, and those looking for a tropical twist shouldn't miss their coconut milkshakes and pineapple delights.

From its beginnings as a singular food truck, Saddle has grown impressively, boasting 13 outlets in the UAE and marking its presence in Europe.

Location: Last Exit, Al Khawaneej

Timings: Open every day from 7 am - 1 am

Contact: +971  54 441 0926


Born from the passion of three Emirati friends during the peak of the pandemic, RARE is Dubai's pioneering gourmet food truck that melds Japanese and Latin American culinary traditions.

Collaborating with Colombian chef Brando Moros, they've innovated a menu teeming with premium ingredients, from Bluefin Akami Tuna from Japan to luxurious Wagyu from Australia.

They offer a unique Chocolate Wagyu Fillet, where the meat gains its distinctive flavor from cows fed on chocolate and cream-flavored gummy bears.

RARE stands out with its zine stone exterior that emulates the essence of charcoal, complete with a custom-built robata grill inside. This venture is not just about top-tier food but about redefining street food. With dishes ranging from Dhs25 to Dhs160, they cater to a broad audience, ensuring gourmet is accessible.

As cooler months approach, they plan to expand their seating, making the experience even more memorable for Dubai's food enthusiasts.

Last night we stopped by Dubai’s first gourmet food truck RARE that is conveniently located near Al Safa Park Gate 2, under the bridge. Expect stunning views while tucking into Japanese inspired food with a touch of South American flair from the comforts of your car or at one of their tables.
Their menu is interesting, the food is prepared fresh after ordering. Tried few of the dishes along with their refreshing mocktails. We were wowed by the flavor and taste of all the dishes, it was absolutely amazing and can’t wait to visit them again!

says Meghana Rao (Google Reviews)

Location: Under the Al Wasl Bridge, near Al Safa Park Gate 2

Timings: Open Tuesday - Sunday from 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Contact: +971 4 398 5288

Mr. Brisket

This homegrown eatery elevates street food, combining gourmet sophistication with organic, hormone-free meats sourced after a global quest for purity. Every bite at Mr. Brisket offers an embrace of Truth & Love, an ethos that shines not just in the dishes but also in the ambiance, art, fashion, and soulful tunes that serenade diners.

Using the purest ingredients from global expeditions, expect smoked briskets infused with natural wood for over twelve hours, mouthwatering sliders, and decadent desserts. A standout is their brisket fries, a soulful treat making waves for its tender meat and rich cheese. Not to be missed are the Sultan sliders and the lotus dessert - a crispy, flavorful take on fried ice cream.

Had our midnight snacks at Mr. Brisket - Last Exit Al Khawaneej. The Brisket Sliders is one of the best from their menu! Kudos to Iza for being patient and attending all our needs and is also very nice! We will definitely come back!♥️♥️

says Alyka France Tangan (Google Reviews)

Location: Last Exit, Al Khawaneej

Timings: Open every day from 8 am - 2 am

Contact: +971 4 398 5288


Salt of Dubai is a transformative culinary venture co-founded by Emirati Amal Al Marri and Saudi Deem Al Bassam, who revolutionized the Dubai food scene with their innovative use of salt and street food culture.

What commenced as a social media campaign distributing 100 saltshakers, turned into a groundbreaking food truck adventure in the heart of the UAE. With food trucks once illegal in the region, the duo persevered, ultimately introducing the dynamic food truck culture that thrives today.

Initially operating as a roving mystery, fans would decipher Instagram clues to locate the Salt truck's next stop. Eventually, they established their iconic location at Kite Beach, which has since burgeoned into numerous outlets across Dubai and internationally, including Saudi Arabia.

Their menu features high-quality ingredients in their famous sliders and shakes, served from their vintage Airstream trailer, ensuring a unique and spontaneous dining experience that continues to attract a wide range of patrons, including local royals.

A great setup on Kite Beach that feels you are in a resort town. Always packed and the tables are full, and the lines are long. But the queue moves very fast and you can quickly get your hands on one of the best burgers in town! A real treat! And speaking of a treat, after finishing up your juicy burger, head over to the dessert line for an amazing Mango ice cream. Fresh and tasty! Or just take it to the beach and chill.

says Karim Maaliki (Google Reviews)

Location: Kite Beach, Jumeirah 3

Timings: Open 24 hours

Contact: +971 55 996 5802

Dubai with its ever-growing events, festivals, and entertainment zones, food trucks have found fertile ground. They're not just about food; they're about community, culture, and a shared love for culinary exploration.

As the city continues to push the boundaries in architecture, technology, and luxury, its food trucks ensure that its gastronomic scene remains just as innovative and exciting.

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