Emirates Cardiac Society launches public awareness campaign for World Heart Day

Emirates Cardiac Society launches public awareness campaign for World Heart Day

In commemoration of World Heart Day, Emirates Cardiac Society is hosting a public educational campaign featuring their team of experts.

The campaign addresses the common misunderstanding of cardiovascular diseases and prevention in a sort of educational theme and answers the questions of the public concerning heart diseases.

The complimentary session will take place at 20:00 UAE time on 29th September, 2022, on the Zoom platform and is open to the public. To participate in this session please visit and follow Instagram account @ecsheart.

World Heart Day (29 September) is marked on 29 September to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, the world’s number one killer.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally, causing a shocking 18 million deaths worldwide annually. It is the leading cause of death from non-communicable diseases in the UAE. The Emirates Cardiac Society has made its mission to raise awareness within the UAE on how to maintain the heart’s health and preserve it.

Through this complimentary informative workshop on 29th September, the audience will be invited to take part in an informative discussion with experts from the Emirates Cardiac Society and ask them questions. It will educate them about cardiovascular diseases, preventing them, and improving heart conditions which leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Juwairia Alali, President of Emirates Cardiac Society, Cardiologist, Dubai, said,

"It is imperative that we begin making a positive change and raise awareness of all UAE citizens on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The UAE’s mortality rate has been 340 per 100,000 cases, which is double that of other countries. We hope we can begin seeing a change in these statistics for the better through this educational session."

Dr. Abdullah Shehab, Vice President of Emirates Cardiac society, said,

"World Heart Day is an awareness day that encourages people to maintain their heart's health and how to preserve it. At the ECS, we play a key role in educating and spreading awareness to the public community."

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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