Empower begins summer campaign to reduce cooling energy consumption

Empower begins summer campaign to reduce cooling energy consumption

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced the launch of its annual summer campaign to reduce cooling energy consumption during summer under the theme "Set and Save 24 C".

Launched in June and continues until the end of the summer season, the campaign aims at consolidating the culture of sustainability among its customers in order for the company to continue contributing to the green economy as the pioneer in providing environmentally friendly and district cooling services, which uses up to 50% less energy compared to traditional cooling solutions.

As part of its campaign, which is being organised for the ninth year in a row, Empower aims to reach its customers across residential and commercial units provided with the company's services.

The campaign aims to urge and encourage the customers to rationalise district cooling consumption by setting the air conditioner thermostat at 24 C. This will reduce consumption bills, protect the environment, save energy, and preserve resources towards a green future.

Setting air conditioners to the automatic mode at 24 C is an ideal option for effective and comfort cooling. This process ensures low pressure on the district cooling network and contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, which in turn reduces global warming.

"Rationalising energy consumption should be a common focus for all of us, whether as a service provider or beneficiaries because it is a sustainable practice that brings great and multiple benefits to the community and even to future generations,"

said, Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

He stressed that the demand for Empower services is increasing from all over Dubai, as the company has marked a 21.6% growth in the registration rate for district cooling services in the first five months of this year, compared to the same period of last year.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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