Genesis Luxury Flagship SUV the GV80 Debuts in the Middle East & Africa

Genesis Luxury Flagship SUV the GV80 Debuts in the Middle East & Africa

Genesis Middle East & Africa HQs officially launched The GV80, its first sport-utility vehicle.

The “G” in the GV80 marque represents Genesis and the 'v' means versatility that only a Genesis SUV can offer. The production GV80 realizes the vision of the GV80 Concept first shown at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

Athletic Elegance Takes New Shape

The GV80 SUV joins the lineup alongside the G70, The All-new G80 and G90 sedans with more than a common thread of design identity. The interior and exterior styling of GV80 was the result of a collaboration between Genesis Design studios located in South Korea, the United States and Germany.

“We enjoyed the challenge to apply ‘Athletic Elegance’ design language to SUV architecture,” said Luc Donckerwolke, Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer of Hyundai Motor Group. “The precise proportions and attention to every detail denote that GV80 is authentic to Genesis design principles.”

Signature Genesis design elements are immediately visible on GV80, from every vantage point. The Crest Grille emphasizes gravitas consistent with the positioning of GV80. The Parabolic Line runs smoothly along the side with precise execution, accentuated by power lines above each wheel emphasizing stance and presence. The Quad Lamps, which flank the Crest Grille, are made possible with sophisticated lighting technology.

“The Quad Lamp graphic will become the most recognizable, unique signature of Genesis design, as the simplest of lines communicate a distinct identity,' Donckerwolke said. “Two lines will come to define Genesis.”

The G-Matrix pattern that appears in light fixtures throughout the exterior is inspired by beautiful orchids seen when diamonds are illuminated by light. The pattern also appears on the available 22-inch wheels.

The body structure of The GV80 is enhanced with hot-stamped, high-strength steel, as well as lightweight aluminum used on the doors, hood, and tailgate that allow it to achieve competitive curb weight.

Luxury in Space

The interior of GV80 focuses on “the beauty of white space,” characteristic of the elegant South Korean architectural philosophy. The concept of “luxury in space” defines the open feeling of the cabin of The GV80, with the G-Matrix pattern as a motif.

“We were able to express a luxurious feel for the interior of The GV80 through reductive design and channeling the Korean roots of the Genesis brand,” said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Genesis Design. “The concept of the ‘beauty of white space’ is a hallmark of Korean design.”

The width of the interior of The GV80 was emphasized through the design of sleek, thin air vents that run across the passenger compartment. A 14.5-inch, split-screen infotainment display sits front and center atop the dashboard. The number of hard buttons and switches was intentionally kept to a minimum, both for aesthetic purposes and ease of use. In up-level variants, soft materials cover every surface, from the inside of the door handles to the quilted knee pads that line the lower sides of the console.

The ornate center control unit on the center console covers an electronic, shift-by-wire transmission base with dial-style shift. Handwriting recognition through the Genesis Touch Controller helps users set a destination or enter data without having to operate a keyboard on the navigation screen—simply by using handwritten letters on the writing recognition control system.

A Mobile Oasis

The GV80 features the world’s first application of Road Active Noise Cancellation (RANC) technology, which dramatically reduces road noise while driving. Based on the science of digital signal processing, RANC overcomes the limitations of existing noise control technologies that rely on physical technology, such as materials and body structures, to quiet the cabin. RANC generates sound waves of opposite phases in 0.002 second by analyzing road noise in real time, dramatically reducing irregular, simultaneous road noise.

Other exciting and impressive features found in The 2021 GV80 SUV are the Ergo Motion Driver’s Seat that contains seven air cells to reduce fatigue from long hours of driving. One-touch comfort control, adjustable from the front row, that allows for limousine-level relaxation in the second-row seats. Also, heated and ventilated seats are available.

Innovation in Powertrain for Go-Anywhere Versatility

As an authentic Genesis, The GV80 is based on a unique rear-wheel-drive platform; all-wheel drive is optional. The GV80 offers an elegant and athletic premium SUV experience through a comfortable and balanced driving experience with a more powerful, high-performance engine. Maximum torque is 54.0 kgf.m with two turbocharged gasoline engines (Gasoline 2.5 turbo and 3.5 turbo) available in the Middle East & Africa region.

Electronically controlled suspension with road preview, another Genesis feature, helps provide passengers with optimal ride comfort by recognizing information on the road ahead in advance via the front camera.

Advanced Safety Is Not an Option

Like each member of the Genesis lineup, The GV80 provides an unmatched level of standard active and passive safety systems, as part of a brand-level engineering commitment to passenger security and comfort.

GV80 features the following advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including several world-first technologies:

• Smart Cruise Control with Driver Patterns Incorporated: A world first, SCC-ML advances the science and engineering behind smart cruise control. It is an artificial intelligence-based intelligent navigation technology that helps enable GV80 to independently learn the driving characteristics of its drivers and implement autonomous driving similar to that of human drivers.

• Forward Collision-Prevention Assist (FCA): This system is able to help automatically bring The GV80 to a stop in certain situations where there is a risk of collision with an approaching vehicle on the left or right side of the intersection. The GV80 is also able to help detect potential collision risks, if a pedestrian is in close proximity to the vehicle while in motion.

• Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA): BCA is essentially a Blind Spot Monitor with active capabilities. BCA helps reduce the chance of potential impact with a moving vehicle, upon departing a parallel parking spot as one example.

• Rear Collision-Prevention Assist (RCCA): This system uses rear side radar to help detect and prevent impact with obstacles.

• Driver Attention Alert Warning (DAW): This system monitors the driver’s attention when driving, by analyzing driving patterns and behaviors, including intermittent steering and unnatural deceleration, through vehicle signals, such as steering angle and steering torque and vehicle position in traffic lane. A forward-looking camera monitors the driver and will generate pop-up messages and warning tones when fatigue or forward-looking

• Surround View Monitor: Cameras provide the driver with a 360-degree 3D view of the surroundings and other images to facilitate safe parking

GV80 also includes 10 standard airbags, including a center-mounted airbag between the front occupants to mitigate interior impact.

Next-Generation Convenience

GV80 leverages the Genesis brand wide commitment to service and convenience with industry-leading remote technology.

Genesis GV80 offers a premium driving experience characterized by comfort and pleasure through high-tech convenience features such as the optimum infotainment environment created through cutting-edge AI, connected-car technologies and an innovative air-conditioning system.


The GV80 enters the marketplace on November 26th 2020 in Middle East & Africa.

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