Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai: MPlus, Fixperts & More

Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai: MPlus, Fixperts & More

Popular for its architectural marvels, Dubai has set some great standards in the global real estate market. The city is adorned with visually appealing buildings. If you are a property owner, you would certainly know the tedious task of maintaining the property. The city also has certain regulations regarding property maintenance to ensure safe living for its residents and tourists. Home maintenance companies can make this easier for you by engaging in routine checkups and repairs.

Dubai is home to many home maintenance companies that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Finding the best home maintenance company in Dubai is crucial to keeping your property in its initial glory. Here are some of the best home maintenance companies in Dubai that are known for their professionalism, reliability, and quality of service.

We Will Fix It

Image Source: We Will Fix It

We Will Fix It is a prominent home maintenance company in Dubai. Established in 2008, they have been serving a wide range of customers belonging to various developments across Dubai. The organization has consistently offered maintenance solutions to properties in established neighborhoods and developing locations including Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, The Springs, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown, and others for the past 14 years. Their team includes high-quality technicians who are reachable throughout the day. They offer services like AC servicing, duct cleaning, coil cleaning, electrical, plumbing, painting, water tank cleaning, and other handyman services. They also provide annual contracts starting from AED1,322.

Visit their website to learn more about their services in Dubai.

Location: Dubai Investment Park

Contact: +97148073295,


Image Source: mplus

mplus is a prominent provider of comprehensive home and property maintenance services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Founded in 2011, they have been catering their services to residential, retail, and commercial customers. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its team of highly skilled and professional staff and technicians. They offer services like disinfection, pleated flyscreen installation, water tank cleaning, AC maintenance, plumbing, pest control, electrical, cleaning, painting, and handyman services. You can also buy their monthly or yearly maintenance packages to ensure your homes are in their best form throughout the year. The package pricing differs based on your location.

Visit their website to learn more about them. You can also download their app for a seamless booking experience.

Location: Dubai Festival City

Contact: 800 67587, +97143089500,

Allsopp & Allsopp

Image Source: Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Allsopp is primarily a real estate agent in Dubai. They offer property-related services like buying, selling, renting, property management, holiday services and more. They also offer home maintenance services in the region. With fully qualified plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, carpenters, and painters, they ensure that your home shines in its initial glory. AC services, plumbing and electrical checkups, carpentry and aluminum repairs, civil and masonry repairs, pump servicing, and light cleaning are some of their home maintenance services. Their annual packages start from AED1,350.

Visit their website to get a customized quote for your home.

Location: Business Bay, Motor City, and Jumeirah Golf Estates

Contact: +97144294444


Image Source: British Mums

Fixperts is a prominent leader in the field of building maintenance, repair, and refurbishing services throughout the United Arab Emirates. They have extended their services to both residential and commercial customers. The range of structures that fall within their service horizon encompasses high-rise buildings, low-rise structures, villas, compounds, and even temporary prefab constructions. With seasoned technicians and high-quality management team, they have been able to provide top-notch services to their customers. They offer handyman, plumbing, electrical, pest control, AC service, and other services. Their annual maintenance package starts from AED3,000.

Visit their website to learn more about the diversity of their services in Dubai.

Location: Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai

Contact: 80081, +97143617589,


Image Source:

Toolboys is a distinguished team of professional handymen operating in Dubai. They specialize in a wide spectrum of home and commercial services. Their expertise encompasses product installations, assembly, maintenance, and repair solutions ensuring a comprehensive array of services to meet diverse client needs. Beyond their core services, Toolboys also offer routine general inspections to address various infrastructural requirements. Some of the services they offer are painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, AC service, handyman, masonry, water pump, and tiling.

Visit their website to see their extensive list of services in the region.

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis

Contact: 800 8289,

Hitches and Glitches

Image Source: Trucks and Fleet Middle East

Hitches & Glitches stands out as one of Dubai's premier independent home maintenance service providers. Hitches and Glitches Dubai offers a wide-ranging array of home maintenance services spanning from handyman services, gardening, and cleaning to the installation of smart home products and swimming pool maintenance. What sets Hitches & Glitches apart is their commitment to sustainability, emphasizing eco-friendly solutions to meet the needs of their clientele. Disinfection services, AC services, plumbing, pest control, kitchen equipment maintenance, and minor civil works are some of the services they offer in the region.

Visit their website to learn more about this maintenance company in Dubai.

Location: Farnek Building, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact: 800 4 2634, +97143824510,

Transguard Living

Image Source: Transguard Group

Transguard Living is a home maintenance company that comes under the Transguard group, which is an Emirates Group and Al Hail Holding Company. Established in 2017, they have introduced a range of home maintenance, cleaning, and moving services to the city. Pioneering the concept of being the first dedicated home services company to extend its support across the entire UAE, Transguard Living has since become a trusted provider of a comprehensive suite of services. Their team includes trained and certified professionals who are readily available around the clock. Some of the services you can avail of are maintenance, AMCs, cleaning, Fit Out, and home improvement.

Visit their website to learn more about the other services they offer.

Location: Transguard Group HQ, Dubai

Contact: 800 845,


Image Source: Imdaad

HomePro is a home maintenance entity that comes under Imdaad, one of the leading regional integrated facilities management solutions providers in the Middle East. Established in 2009, HomePro has set its sights on establishing itself as a prominent leader in the realm of premium home maintenance services and solutions. They offer an array of service options tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers. It includes MEP (Maintenance, Electrical, and Plumbing), window cleaning, landscaping, pest control, painting, and home renovation. You can choose from various annual maintenance contracts, each categorized under silver, gold, or platinum levels. For those with specific and unique requirements, HomePro also offers the option to design custom packages, ensuring that their services align perfectly with individual needs and preferences.

Visit their website to learn more about them.

Location: Dubai Investment Park

Contact: 800 8200, +97148237019,

Repair Plus

Image Source: Repair Plus

Repair Plus is a green home maintenance company in Dubai. It prides itself on delivering top-notch maintenance services with a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness. In line with their commitment to sustainability, Repair Plus offers tailored packages for both tenants and homeowners, ensuring that their services align with the specific needs of each client. Their services include coil cleaning, AC service, duct cleaning, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, pave yard cleaning, and more. They have been awarded the Best Home Maintenance Company in Dubai for two consecutive years. Through its commitment to diversity, quality, and sustainability, Repair Plus sets a high standard for the industry while fulfilling its social responsibility.

Visit their website to check out their annual subscription.

Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area 4

Contact: 800 70247,

Amazon Home Services

Earlier known as Helpbit, Amazon Home Services is an online platform offered by Amazon that connects customers with local service providers for various home-related tasks such as home improvement, cleaning, maintenance, and more. Their team handpicks professionals to serve you top-notch services. They offer cleaning services, handyman services, plumbing services, and more. You can easily schedule appointments with their team. Amazon Home Services also guarantees that no hidden fees will be charged during the process.

Visit their website to learn more about the services.

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