‘Jahiz’ enhances digital transformation skills for government employees globally

‘Jahiz’ enhances digital transformation skills for government employees globally

Jahiz platform, launched by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) to enhance the readiness of government talent with future skills, announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide the digital content of Jahiz platform to government employees from all over the world, through Microsoft's Public Sector Centre of Expertise.

The new platform focuses on supporting government employees to acquire digital transformation skills and emerging technologies, which will reflect positively on improving government performance and developing service delivery efficiency.

Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of FAHR, said,

“Digital transformation has become a crucial element for enhancing the competitiveness of global governments, and the new partnership with Microsoft will contribute to providing government employees worldwide with the skills necessary to advance digital transformation efforts, as the UAE shares its expertise and successful experiences with the world through ‘Jahiz’ platform to raise the capabilities of employees and develop their digital skills, to help them utilise these experiences in their fields of work and develop new business models that enhance communities’ wellbeing”.

Laila Al Suwaidi confirmed that the new partnership reflects the UAE’s commitment to the digital transformation agenda at the local and global levels, in order to build digital government talents and systems that provide more efficient and flexible proactive services.

She emphasised the importance of promoting digital culture and understanding the transformations witnessed by digital technology and the opportunities and challenges it imposes on government work, noting the need to take advantage of the technical capabilities to provide more data for better government decision-making.

"Imagine a government where accessing services is easy and efficient. This is exactly what's possible when governments invest in technology and equip their workforce with the skills to use it. The digital skilling initiatives led by the United Arab Emirates can serve as an inspiration to governments around the world. While each country has its own path to digital transformation, our ultimate goal remains the same - to leverage technology to deliver exceptional services to citizens,"

Angela Heise, Corporate Vice President for Public Sector at Microsoft.

The partnership covers a range of vital topics related to digital transformation, most notably; challenges and opportunities, best practices for the implementation of government digital transformation, the role of advanced technology in the development of digital transformation and its impact on government performance and services.

Developing government talent with digital skills is a priority for the world's governments and institutions. By investing in digital skills, governments can ensure they have qualified talent and are equipped with the best skills and expertise required in the digital age, especially as a report by the World Economic Forum noted that the top 10 skills on demand in 2025 will all be digital skills.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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