Kuwait Introduces New Visa Category for Sports, Cultural, and Social Activities

Kuwait Introduces New Visa Category for Sports, Cultural, and Social Activities

Kuwait has recently introduced a new visa category, according to local media reports.

The purpose of this visa is to allow individuals to enter Kuwait for sports, cultural, and social activities. The aim is to facilitate and encourage participation in recreational and cultural pursuits within the country.

The sporting and cultural visas will initially be valid for three months, with the possibility of renewal for up to one year from the date of issuance. This provides flexibility and extended stay options for eligible applicants.

Kuwait has introduced a new visa with an initial validity period of three months, as reported in recent business news. The General Directorate for Residency Affairs will be responsible for issuing this visa, and interested individuals are required to apply through authorized entities such as sports clubs, social organizations, cultural associations, or other approved groups, following the guidelines provided by the authorities.

The decision to introduce this new visa category was implemented as an additional clause to Article 4 of Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019.

Business reports suggest that the introduction of this new visa category in Kuwait is expected to have a positive impact on the sporting and tourism economies. It is anticipated that this development will boost growth in these sectors by attracting sports enthusiasts, cultural enthusiasts, and tourists who wish to engage in various activities and explore the offerings of the country.

News Source: Construction Week

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