STS Group launches School Bus Safe Driver Campaign to ensure safety of drivers and passengers

STS Group launches School Bus Safe Driver Campaign to ensure safety of drivers and passengers
  • Campaign focuses on six key areas of safe driving for school bus drivers
  • Dubai Police, RTA, RoadSafetyUAE support the launch event
  • Launch is followed by weekly and monthly school bus driver engagement
  • STS Group wins 3x RoSPA Gold Awards for fleet excellence

STS Group has always prioritised passenger and staff safety, being a responsible transport operator, they actively conduct extensive training programmes for all employees, covering road safety practices and policies, soft skills, and the STS Code of Conduct.

The launch of this campaign was held at the GEMS New Millennium School, Al Khail and was attended by STS Group bus drivers, foremen, and transport supervisors. Speakers from Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Police, and RoadSafetyUAE were invited to address the workforce on matters of transport laws and regulations in the region and safe driving practises.

Steve Burnell, STS Group Managing Director, said

"The safety of our customers and employees will always be our priority. School bus safety begins with positive and professional driving behaviour. The Safe Driver Campaign serves as a platform to ensure our values of Safe, Timely, Smart resonate with every employee in the workforce.”

STS Group have invested in state-of-the-art smart bus systems that are designed to ensure the safety of passengers and staff onboard.

The Safe Driver Campaign focuses on the following key areas:

  • Unobstructed bus cameras.
  • Zero use mobile phones whilst driving.
  • Mandatory seat belt use.
  • Alert contact process.
  • Managing personal time and the impact of fatigue.
  • Vehicle shutdown safety procedures.

Going forward the Safe Driver Campaign will include the following elements: monthly school bus driver trainings, including a new video dedicated to the 6 focus areas; short ‘snackable’ videos for individual focus areas, to be circulated to the school bus drivers via weekly safety messages, dedicated WhatsApp groups, and Social Media channels; a digital campaign whereby school bus drivers will post videos on the six focus areas across our social media channels. By posting and tagging their colleagues, these drivers will encourage their peers to share similar practices.

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE adds

“Statistics show that more than 90% of road accidents happen because of human error. Responsible fleet operators like STS Group must educate their school bus drivers on anticipating the possible errors of other road users and keep training their defensive driving skills.”

In addition to launching the Safe Driver Campaign, Burnell proudly announced the company’s recent accolade. STS Group received a total of three internationally recognised RoSPA Gold Level Awards for demonstrating high health and safety standards.

“We strive to achieve the very best health and safety standards for our employees and customers each and every day and aim to be the role model for other companies to follow. I am so proud of the team for their hard work and dedication in achieving these important industry awards”,

said Burnell.

News Source: AETOSWire

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