Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Ministry of Education sign MOU to qualify Emiratis to lead UAE’s key sectors

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Ministry of Education sign MOU to qualify Emiratis to lead UAE’s key sectors

In line with their shared vision to prepare distinguished Emiratis to support different national sectors, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Education have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in building local competencies in various key sectors, especially in the maritime sector.

The cooperation includes providing scholarships for Emiratis to pursue in-demand specialisations in higher-education institutions in the UAE and abroad. They will also develop policies to attract Emirati students, develop their capabilities, and prepare them to lead the energy and infrastructure sectors.

The MoU was signed virtually by Hassan Mohammed Juma Al Mansouri, Under-Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and Dr. Mohammad Al Mualla, Under-Secretary for Academic Affairs at the Ministry of Education, in the presence of officials from both sides.

Speaking after signing the MoU, Al Mansouri said,

"The UAE has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is at par with a few of the most developed countries across the globe. The UAE is also a leading global maritime hub, ranking fifth globally. The maritime sector’s contribution to the GDP is estimated at AED91 billion annually. As we start the next fifty years in the UAE’s journey, and in line with the vision and directives of the wise leadership to make the UAE the first globally in different economic and human indicators, we work closely with national organisations to prepare qualified Emiratis who will lead the progress of key sectors."

Al Mansouri added,

"Our collaboration with the Ministry of Education is in line with our vision of preparing young Emiratis to fulfil the future needs of the job market according to the highest international standards. We are proud to cooperate with the ministry to oversee the preparation of Emiratis in prominent higher-education institutions in the UAE and abroad as the Ministry of Education has extensive experience in this area."

Driven by the UAE leadership's firm belief in the importance of preparing the next generation of leaders, both parties are keen on providing vocational, technical and continuing education to prepare a knowledge society that competes globally across all age groups. They also make sure that the educational outcomes fulfil the needs of all the sectors. Through such a strategic partnership, both parties will work closely to develop national capabilities to achieve common goals and enhance the competitiveness in various sectors, especially in the maritime industry in coordination with partners and accredited higher-education institutions here and abroad.

In addition to supervising scholarships provided by universities, the MoU strengthens the cooperation between the two ministries and achieves fruitful strategic partnerships. This will be realised by developing common key frameworks and coordinating with the competent authorities. The two sides will share experiences and expertise and will exchange studies and research that enhances organisational work to achieve common strategic goals, develop technical services for projects, and coordinate joint areas of work. This will improve performance and operations, streamline procedures and develop the technical and administrative capabilities of the two sides.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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