Ministry of Finance launches Digital Service Guide

Ministry of Finance launches Digital Service Guide

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) launched the Digital Service Guide, which aims to facilitate access of individuals and businesses to all services provided by MoF through a simple and interactive digital experience. This is to enable customers to get all the needed information to submit applications and obtain services.

The move comes as part of MoF’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of services and the level of performance in the government systems, and to enhance customer satisfaction and happiness.

Younis Haji Al Khoori, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Finance, noted that,

"Over the past decades, the ministry has succeeded in providing all its services in a fully smart manner and in accordance with best international practices. This reiterates the ministry’s position as a global leader in the fields of government financial work and contributes to enhancing customer experience and advancing economic development in the UAE."

He said,

"The Ministry of Finance is keen to continue launching projects and initiatives that meet the UAE’s objectives for the next 50 years. The launch of the Digital Service Guide comes with the aim of providing high-quality and reliable services to all customers, through introducing them to service requirements and ensuring the provision of updated information based on the relevant business developments. This will contribute to increasing customer happiness and help complete transactions as quickly as possible."

The Digital Service Guide includes an overview of the ministry’s strategy, including its vision, mission, values to meet customer needs, and strategic objectives. The guide also includes service cards for 20 services specifically designed to meet the needs of customers and suppliers with high quality and reliability.

The guide also has an option to respond to inquiries and complaints from individuals, government entities, and the business sector, and communicate with them to receive all their suggestions. That, in addition to offering technical support to federal entities with regard to financial systems and services related to the Smart Reporting System, Data Lake, Refund of revenues due to customers, and Report on whistleblowing cases, among others.

The service cards include a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the steps needed to obtain the services, including the requirements to get the service, required documents, fees, duration of service provision, target audience, service delivery channels, and other information that customers need to get the ministry's services in an easy manner.

The interactive digital guide is designed in line with customers’ requirements and provides explanation of the steps for using the services in an easy and clear manner. The guide has also been enhanced through educational films and videos for all the services, to preview the services and customers' journey step by step. The guide is now available via the ministry's website and smart application, being the main service delivery channels at MoF.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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