MoHAP emphasizes importance of safe and healthy working environment

MoHAP emphasizes importance of safe and healthy working environment

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has joined the global community in celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is marked on April 28 of every year to promote the concept of a safe and healthy work environment as a right and a basic principle at work.

The ministry stressed that the annual event is an opportunity to showcase the country's achievements made in the field of maintaining workers’ health and safety in the workplace.

It highlighted that the UAE has already ratified significant conventions of the International Labor Organisation and enacted various laws to safeguard occupational health and safety.

MoHAP added that the international celebration of this occasion sheds light on the importance of providing a safe and healthy working environment for workers in all sectors and the need to maintain occupational health and safety in the workplace.

The Ministry urged all workers and employers to collaborate in providing a safe and healthy work environment and developing policies and procedures to ensure worker safety and effective implementation.

The Ministry reaffirmed that the need to provide suitable training and resources to foster a positive work culture, as it greatly contributes to improved productivity, quality, and overall social welfare.

The Ministry said that it is collaborating with relevant authorities in the country in this respect under the National Standard for Occupational Safety and Health Management System, following a comprehensive strategy and set of guidelines.

MoHAP also implements best international practices and utilises cutting-edge technologies to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and workers. All workers are given necessary training across all offices in an effort to create a healthy and safe workplace through the implementation of a comprehensive prevention system that requires everyone's cooperation and commitment to practicing safe and healthy behaviors.

Additionally, the Ministry collaborates with relevant authorities to create and revise regulations, policies, and guidelines related to occupational health and safety. This includes the establishment of a national system for recording work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses, in partnership with relevant Arab and international organisations.

The Ministry also focuses on providing top-notch psychological counseling services for employees to support their mental health and promote a sense of security. Regular evaluations are conducted to identify health and safety risks, monitor compliance with standards and conditions, and assess their implementation.

On this occasion, the Ministry reaffirms its commitment to promoting occupational health and safety in every sector, with the aim of ensuring sustainable health for all members of society and enhancing their quality of life. This commitment aligns with the UAE's bold aspirations and plans as outlined in the "We the UAE 2031" and " Projects of the 50" strategies.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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