MoIAT to provide training to industrial SMEs, national talent under 'Future Industries Lab'

MoIAT to provide training to industrial SMEs, national talent under 'Future Industries Lab'

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has signed agreements to provide training to SMEs and local talents in line with the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology.

MoIAT signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with SKM, a leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment in the Gulf region, and LG Electronic Gulf, the first large-scale air conditioning academy in the Middle East to train and inform its customers on LG AC products.

The MoUs will launch specialised training programmes for SMEs and Emirati undergraduates to encourage them to contribute to the UAE’s industrial sector, under the Future Industries Lab initiative.

Through the Future Industries Lab, MoIAT aims to support the UAE's sustainability efforts including achieving net-zero by 2050. It aims to promote and stimulate the deployment of innovative solutions and advanced technologies in the industrial sector and localise industries in line with the Make it in the Emirates initiative.

Dr. Farah Ali Al Zarouni, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Standards and Legislation Technical Regulation Sector at MoIAT, said,

“The Future Industries Lab initiative is one of the transformative projects launched by the ministry in partnership with the private sector to support the growth of national industries and enhance their competitiveness. It provides a package of technical and industrial training opportunities and workshops on operational processes, quality, supply chains, marketing and tools to access global markets, in line with the objectives of the Make in the Emirates initiative.”

She added,

“MoIAT seeks to strengthen its ties with all players in the industrial sector to build the professional and technical capabilities of institutions and individuals, through a new phase of sustainable partnerships to help them develop their operations and boost access to regional and international markets. Training programmes will be designed specifically to contribute to the objectives of the national industrial strategy, Operation 300bn.

“The Future Industries Lab initiative represents an important means of transferring knowledge from successful international companies to SMEs and talents as part of our endeavour to increase the industrial sector's contribution to national GDP. The training programme will provide SMEs and students with training on topics such as supply chains, procurement, data analysis, and lean manufacturing.”

Dr. Al Zarouni underscored the importance of partnerships with leading companies to provide training programmes for SMEs and to introduce them to best practices that promote the growth of the industrial sector and develop local production.

Abdul Karim Al Saleh, CEO of SKM, said,

"We are pleased to partner with MoIAT to leverage SKM's 48 years of technical expertise to provide SMEs in the UAE with the necessary technical support to expand. Our joint programme aims to stimulate and support entrepreneurs and start-ups and promote the early growth of small companies that play an active role in the economic development of the country.”

He added,

“The training programme is one of the most important activities provided by the company. We are proud to be part of the Future Industries Lab initiative, through which MoIAT provides direct consultancy services to participating SMEs.”

MoIAT is looking to build new partnerships with leading companies to offer specialised technical training for SMEs to enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the development of their operational efficiency and national talent.

Michael Park, LG Gulf Electronics Chief Executive Officer, commented,

“We are happy to partner with MoIAT to boost collaboration between the government and private sector to support the growth of the industrial sector in the UAE and enhance business expansion opportunities. Our partnership with the ministry will provide the opportunity for SMEs to take advantage of the training programmes offered by the LG Academy to expand its work in all sectors by benefiting from Electronics GULF FZE LG’s technical expertise. Our training programme provides the opportunity for university students to implement practical learning within LG Academy.”

He added,

“LG is keen to support capacity-building programmes for Emiratis. The participation of national cadres in the programme will enhance the contribution of national talents to the growth of the industrial sector and provide the opportunity for young talents to join the industrial sector.”

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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