Most Pet-Friendly Residential Communities in Dubai

Most Pet-Friendly Residential Communities in Dubai

If you have a best friend or a pet in the family. Then it is of great importance to know about the residential areas in Dubai that are pet-friendly. Beyond your home is a villa or an apartment in the community you can take your pet for a walk and enjoy outdoor parks curated for your furry friend.

Jumeirah Villa Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is a pet-friendly community. The area has impressive villas and apartments. Near the area are various pet stores to shop for your pets for their food, toys and accessories.


  • 3- bed homes in Jumeirah village Circle are around AED 1.9 million.
  • 4- bedroom villas for sale cost an average of AED 2.3 million
  • 5- bedroom villa is around a 2.3.million

Remember that you must have animal proof of renting or selling the place while moving in. Also, consult the landlord on the species of pets allowed to own in the neighbourhood.

Downtown Dubai

The Downtown Dubai community is very friendly and accepting of the lovely felines and dogs you can take home. The most preferred pets are indoor cats and small dogs.  Your pets can get acquainted with other animals in the community by organising play dates or taking your dog to the local parks in the nearby residential area.


Apartments to rent:

  • studio apartments, rent AED 91k
  • bedroom rental flats cost AED 216k
  • 2- bedroom rental flats, AED 216k
  • 3- bedroom apartments average rent of AED 319k.

Apartments for Sale:

  • studio apartments cost AED 1.1M
  • 1 - bedroom apartments, cost 1.7M
  • 2- bedroom apartments cost AED 3.2M
  • 3 - bedrooms for sale, cost AED 5.2M

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

The Jumeirah Lake Towers neighbourhood is not only its pet- friendly it is also picturesque. Consisting of beautiful pathways and a serene lake. This community is a piece of heaven for you and your furry friend. It includes a dog park and plenty of grassy areas.

There are several dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. The apartments in this neighbourhood are also designed to accommodate your feisty feline.


  • studio apartment for rent costs around AED 44k
  • 1- bedroom apartment cost around AED 64K
  • Large units 2 - bedroom apartment costs AED 95k
  • rent a 3- bedroom apartment for AED 121k

Dubai Sports City

Aside from Dubai Sports City being a pet-friendly place to live, as the name suggests, this residential area is very sports-focused.  The apartments are economically priced, making them very affordable.

There are sports facilities for both residents and their pets alike. From gyms to different sports fields and parks with contraptions to stimulate dogs playtime games and activities.


  • Studio apartments for rent cost around AED 28k
  • 1- bedroom apartments  for rent cost around AED 56k
  • 2- bedrooms apartment for rent costs  AED 76k per year
  • 3- bedrooms apartments cost AED 76k yearly
  • The average sale of 3 - a bedrooms apartment costs around AED 1.1.M

Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hill residential area is not only pet -f friendly but also offers spacious outdoor areas to run or go for morning walks with your pet during your leisure time.

If you are considering moving to Dubai Hills Estate, keep in mind to check with the landlord about your preference and expectations along with the breed of animal you are bringing to these apartments to take precautions before moving it.


  • Studio apartments for rent cost AED 42k
  • 1- bedroom rental Apartments cost around AED 62k
  • 3 - bedroom apartment is AED 171k

The Springs

The Springs are considered one of the city's friendliest pet communities. This neighbourhood offers fenced dog parks behind Springs 8, most suitable for your dog's off-leash time.


  • 3 - bedroom villas for rent, an average price of AED 18.3k
  • 3 - Bedroom villas for an average sale price of AED 3 million

Arabian Ranches

The outdoor open spaces it offers to its tenant's pets make Arabian Ranches a special residential area. The neighbourhood offers spacious homes with private gardens and walking paths.

The villas are defined to hold large balconies for cats to lie down and enjoy the sun.  Outside the villas are several parks, pathways and lovely scenic lakes.


Apartments in Arabian Ranches to rent

  • 3- bedroom home costs  AED 128k per year
  • Large 4 - bedroom villa for rent, costs 140k per year
  • spacious 5-bedroom house for rent costs AED 188k

Villa in Arabian Ranches for sale

  • 3 - bedroom villas cost AED 3M
  • 4 - bedroom villas for sale cost 4.7M per year
  • 5- bedroom villas cost AED 6.6M
  • 6- bedroom villas cost AED 10.5M


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