Dubai Municipality launches Dubai Engineering Qualification System to develop Construction Sector

Dubai Municipality launches Dubai Engineering Qualification System to develop Construction Sector

Dubai Municipality has launched the Dubai Engineering Qualification system, which aims to enhance the Municipality's efforts to develop the construction sector in the emirate, and to ensure that contractors, consultants, suppliers and manufacturers of building materials comply with the existing legislation regulating the conduct of business related to the construction and building sector.

The new system targets consulting offices, engineering contracting companies, engineers working in this sector, individual owners of engineering projects, developers and real estate.

Through Dubai Engineering Qualification System, the Municipality seeks to develop an integrated and comprehensive electronic system, using Artificial Intelligence in data entry processes and the completion of transactions, in addition to linking with 15 systems of various government agencies, to update customer data immediately and automatically, which saves time and effort, as well as restructuring 25 services according to the customer’s journey and transforming them into three main services, making it easier for the customer to access them.

The main services include: the Engineering Cadre Accreditation service, which aims to enable them to practice activities after passing a set of tests, the Registration/Renewal/Update service of the Engineering Activities Permit, which allows the possibility of issuing, updating or renewing the practice record according to the applicant’s needs and the Approval Service for the Implementation of an Engineering Project, through which an application can be submitted for approval of an exceptional or specialized project.

The advantages of the Dubai Engineering Qualification System also include enhancing the principle of being proactive by providing automatic notifications sent to the customer that contain the measures that the customer can take in advance and get notified about the most important developments.

The system also provide online training and data for engineers and technical staff that are approved for companies, with the aim of facilitating the process of attracting distinguished cadres and meeting the requirements of accreditation of Engineering projects.

It also makes data available to the community members for evaluating consulting offices and engineering contracting companies, with the aim of helping them choose complying offices and encouraging companies to abide by the rules and legislations regulating the construction sector.

The system also aims to shorten the customer’s journey, reduce the time required to complete transactions, and provide the company with a star rating based on the best standards, in addition to providing a comprehensive control panel to display all company data (engineers, projects, license holders data, residency status of company employees).

News Source: Dubai PR Network

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