Nafis announces new updates to its platform to enhance user journey, support Emiratisation targets

Nafis announces new updates to its platform to enhance user journey, support Emiratisation targets

The Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council has announced new enhancements to the Nafis platform, enabling companies to post professional opportunities and reach qualified Emirati talent more easily and further supporting companies in reaching the semi-annual Emiratisation targets of 1% for skilled jobs every 6 months.

Aisha Belharfia, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at MoHRE, emphasized the ministry's commitment to enhancing Emiratisation efforts in the private sector and working closely with partners to implement Emiratisation plans. The ministry aims to strengthen partnerships, particularly with the Nafis program, to increase the presence of UAE nationals in various sectors and contribute to the country's economy.

Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary-General of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council, highlighted the enhancements made to the Nafis platform, offering a seamless experience for Emiratis and private sector companies. The platform facilitates easier access to qualified Emirati talent for companies and provides job seekers with opportunities that align with their aspirations, thereby assisting companies in achieving their Emiratisation targets for skilled jobs. The Nafis platform serves as the main communication channel among program partners, prioritizing continuous development to streamline hiring processes and increase UAE nationals' participation in the private sector

Nafis platform updates

The new platform will provide users with a more user-friendly look and feel as well as an improved user experience. Job seekers are now able to add more details to their educational qualifications, skills and professional experience, enabling them to find more suitable jobs based on their profiles.

Job seekers will also be able to gain a quick insight into their entitlements including the benefits they are eligible for as well as job applications and their status.

On the other hand, the partners section of Nafis’ dashboard now provides an overview of their relevant entitlements including benefits and posted professional opportunities, allowing an easier access to suitable Emirati candidates for their job vacancies. Partners will also have more flexibility to contact candidates and the option to conduct the entire recruitment process through the platform, from candidate selection to the agreement on the final offer while documenting every step of the process.

The platform can also match job seekers with relevant job opportunities according to their skills, experience and location, and directly nominate them to the posted vacancies.

The updated version of the Nafis platform will require users to update their profiles and personal information to ensure an effective utilisation of the platform.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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