UAE: Penalties for running organised begging operations

UAE: Penalties for running organised begging operations

The UAE Public Prosecution (PP) explained today, through posts on its social media accounts, the penalties for running organised begging operations.

According to Article 476 of the Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021 on Promulgating Penal Code (Law of Crimes and Penalties):

Any person who runs organised begging operations with an organised group of two or more people shall be sentenced to detention for a minimum term of six months and a minimum fine of AED100,000.

Any person recruiting people from outside the country for organised begging shall receive the same punishment, the post said.

Article 477 of the same Federal Decree-Law states:

Anyone involved in organised begging operations shall be imprisoned for up to three months and fined AED5,000, or one of the two penalties.

The Public Prosecution further explained that it is considered an aggravating circumstance if the perpetrator of the organised begging crime is a guardian, custodian, or charged with fostering or caring for the beggar, or has direct authority over him.

This post is a part of the Public Prosecution's continuous efforts to enhance legal culture among members of the community and increase their awareness about the latest legislation in the country.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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