RTA to offer ‘Naming Rights’ Opportunity on 5 Selected Bus Stations

RTA to offer ‘Naming Rights’ Opportunity on 5 Selected Bus Stations

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unleashed, yet again, first time within the Middle East, an opportunity for the private sector to be an Integral part of Dubai, through Naming Rights of 5 selected Bus Stations. The five Bus Stations are: Al Ghubaiba, Al Satwa, Oud Metha, Union Square and Al Jaffiliya.

The Naming Rights allow the brand to associate with the rich heritage and culture of Dubai, represented through the key developed areas of Dubai, a blend of old and new symposium. It is the first batch under a planned opportunity with the redeveloped bus stations, a key development welcoming the EXPO 2020 travelers to Dubai.

The project is being undertaken in partnership with the private sector allowing them to associate with the richness of the Dubai culture and ensuring that their brand speaks to the people of Dubai in a manner that resonates with the Dubai ethos. The contract is a 5-year lock-in period for the brand association. Through this project, RTA provides the private sector, a long-term investment opportunity and the chance to develop smart and innovative platform to speak to all the riders and the vicinity areas. It brings in a co-branding partnership into this concession and an opportunity to allow private sector partnership on Naming Rights on 5 selected Bus Stations.

The new concept of Naming Rights stems from the encouragement of the Metro Naming Rights success. The initiative is coherent with the vision of the leaders that calls for adopting the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model as a pivotal tool for stimulating the growth and development of Dubai. RTA provides opportunities that interest the private sector through interesting blend with the city of Dubai as bus routes are the lifeline of the city that pulsate throughout every day for thousands of commuters.

Al Ghubaiba Bus Station: this station is frequently used by people from all walks of life. Nestled within proximity to the Spice and Jewelry markets, Al Bastakiya historical area and famous Meena Bazaar. This bus station is a central transport location for residents and tourists alike. The daily footfall in this bus station is 85,000.

Al Satwa Bus Station: Al Satwa is Dubai’s hub for Small Business and is surrounded by vibrant street markets that run parallel to the golden mile of Sheikh Zayed Road. High in density, rich in residential diversity, this bus station is enrooted to home for many. The daily footfall in this bus station is 65,000.

Oud Metha Bus Station: this station serves the area around Maktoum Bridge, within proximity to academic institutions, leading hospitals and one of the city’s oldest leisure and sporting. Not to mention the residential, entertainment, dining and office establishments as well. The daily footfall in this bus station is 55,000.

Union Bus Station: an area popular for government offices such as Dubai Municipality, the Union Bus Station is a key location within the Deira commercial belt – including Naif, Al Ras, the wholesale markets and some of Dubai’s most famous Middle Eastern fare. The daily footfall in this bus station is 45,000.

Al Jaffiliya Bus Station: a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Centre, Dubai Frame, Dubai Immigration and Zabeel Park. Al Jaffiliya Bus Station is where families and tourists across the Emirate come to experience some of Dubai’s most prominent attractions. The daily footfall in this bus station is 45,000.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/December/20-12/RTA-to-offer

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