Samsung Offering Care, Capacity, & Convenience With Its Innovative Range of Large Refrigerators & Washing Machines

Samsung Offering Care, Capacity, & Convenience With Its Innovative Range of Large Refrigerators & Washing Machines

Samsung: In the new era of technology, consumers are always searching for dynamic and versatile products that match expectations and make life easier. Smartphones, tablets, and wearables enjoy enormous popularity, but another area that also experiences massive interest is the home appliances range. More than ever before, higher numbers of larger or growing families want bigger refrigerators and washing machines. After all, many are now spending more time at home because of recent events.

As a leading innovator, we combine creativity and insights with intuition and technology to provide you with the perfect products - an approach that continues to benefit customers. The ongoing circumstances have resulted in greater appreciation for big capacity refrigerators and washing machines – and we are always happy to meet the demands of those we serve.

We saw demand for side-by-side and 500+ liter refrigerators increase during lockdown – and this trend continues as many of you buy groceries less frequently and instead stock fridge’s with more food. In April, 39 percent of total sales where on 500+ liter refrigerators and this figure increased to 45 percent the very next month. And with movement restrictions continuing in the months up to August, we have seen the sales share remain between 44 and 46 percent. What’s more, freezer sales also increased by 35 percent during the same timeframe, as did side-by-side (SBS) refrigerators by 32 percent.

Washing machines have also attracted more interest. Customer awareness surrounding hygiene has increased, and our 9KG washing machines have kept the largest market share during the pandemic - between 38 and 41 percent.

Here, we take a look at why exactly our large refrigerators and washing machines are proving to be increasingly popular in challenging times and explain the benefits that await you upon purchase:

Dynamic kitchens with greater flexibility

Larger quantities of food can stay fresher for longer periods with one of our big refrigerators. But that’s not the only thing you will constantly benefit from because SpaceMax technology provides more fresh space inside and an added element of style on the outside. The fridge and freezer compartments are also cooled separately, and different evaporators and cooling systems work together to ensure the optimal environment for each section. Meanwhile, Twin Cooling technology provides prime care humidity for food and your products can be dynamically stored to stay fresher with no mixing of odors between sections.

Service in the kitchen is also far more flexible because our refrigerators quickly freeze or cool your products. At the touch of a button, the Power Cool feature rapidly chills food and drinks, while Power Freeze is perfect for making ice should you or somebody else want to boost refreshment options. What’s more, the perfect environment for preserving fresh food is effortlessly created with 70% humidity – providing you with more dish selection flexibility as ingredients remain fresher for more extended periods.

Washing machines bringing new meaning to clothing care

As previously mentioned, large washing machines that cater to your family’s needs are high in demand, with clothing care and hygiene now being considered more than ever before. What makes our refrigerator range standout is the innovative features that provide newfound convenience. For example, we have all turned the machine on at some stage, only to discover we have forgotten to include an item or two and must wait until the ongoing cycle is finished. With Add Wash, you can simply and quickly add missed items after the cycle has started, or even include hand-washed clothes that perhaps require a rinse or spin dry.

At the same time, you will also benefit from elegance and efficiency. A Digital Inverter Motor delivers superior energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, so your washing machine uses less energy and provides outstanding durability. Less noise and vibration will also be a welcome addition to your household because VRT Plus technology reduces both these distractions during washes. Meanwhile, if you value beautiful design to compliment your house’s luxurious interior, some of our washing machines also have our exclusive Crystal Glass Door. Available in transparent white or crystal blue, either option effortlessly blends in with its surroundings.

At Samsung, we are committed to providing indoor appliances at excellent value, led by innovation and our vision to make your lives as easy and comfortable as possible. This is reflected with our range of world-class refrigerators and washing machines, all of which have been introduced to offer you care, capacity, and convenience.

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