Smart Dubai Introduces ‘Partners Portal’ to Grant Partners Easy Access to more than 80 Services

Smart Dubai Introduces ‘Partners Portal’ to Grant Partners Easy Access to more than 80 Services

Smart Dubai has announced the launched of its latest platform titled ‘Partners Portal.’ Available on the Smart Dubai website, the new tool offers Smart Dubai’s partners in both the government and private sectors a single platform to seamlessly access more than 80 of its services.

The Portal allows users to access all of the Smart Dubai services they are subscribed to – as well as to browse additional services they would like to avail – with a single login, eliminating the need to remember multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords. Furthermore, the platform gives users direct access to dashboards of various Smart Dubai services, providing detailed insight and analysis into various sectors from a single, streamlined display.

His Excellency Wesam Lootah, CEO of Smart Dubai Government Establishment, said:

“Smart Dubai’s mission consists of harnessing the benefits and potential of emerging technologies and transforming them into services that make people’s lives easier and happier. We are working to build a world-leading smart city of the future here in Dubai.”
“Our partners across the public and private sectors in the UAE are an indispensable part of our success,” H.E. added. “With that in mind, we launched this new platform to facilitate seamless access to all our services through one single, easy-to-use platform, in line with the UAE leadership’s wise vision for an innovative and efficient smart-city experience. This essentially paves the way for even wider partnerships among government entities, facilitating cooperation as directed by the UAE’s leadership.”

Since its establishment, Smart Dubai has launched a series of initiatives and strategies to achieve its vision and help Dubai become a global benchmark for smart city development. Key initiatives include the Dubai Data Initiative, Dubai Blockchain Strategy, Dubai AI Roadmap, and the Dubai Paperless Strategy. Collaborating with government and private sector partners, Smart Dubai is consistently adopting the latest technological innovations to provide efficient, seamless, safe and personalized city experiences for residents and visitors.

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