The Best Bakeries in Dubai to Satisfy your Sugar Cravings

The Best Bakeries in Dubai to Satisfy your Sugar Cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you looking for a cake to celebrate a special occasion? Are you craving a post lunch dessert?

With over 400 bakeries in Dubai, our resident sweet lovers are definitely spoiled for choice, but it can be a task to decide the perfect spot to indulge yourself.

Here are our top picks of bakeries across Dubai to make the process just a little easier!

1.Magnolia Bakery

With chains all around the globe, it’s no wonder that this American bakery is so well loved. From artfully made cakes for any and every occasion, warm, freshly baked brownies, scrumptious cupcakes, to their world famous Banana pudding, Magnolia Bakery has every sweet treat to satisfy your sugary cravings.

"Magnolia offers a great range of desserts - with specialities including banana pudding, cheesecake and cakes. There is also generally a special cake selection for holiday seasons featuring incredibly decorated cakes. There are eat in and take away options. Well worth A visit,"

says Nicholas T.

2. French bakery

Imagine yourself at a Parisian cafe, sipping on a cup of espresso, the smell of freshly baked bread permeating the air. You can now enjoy the Parisian experience without having to catch a flight. The French Bakery not only sets the ambience, but also offers a variety of classic French treats from macarons, dense cakes, and pastries, crumbly cookies and delicious coffee to complete the authentic French Boulangerie.

"I went for a quick lunch and it was great experience. I liked the staff hospitality and the knowledge they have on their menu. I loved the chicken in coffee sandwich and the avocado salad. The outdoor sitting is a big plus during winter. Thumbs up,"

says Hesham Al Ghazali.

3. The Hummingbird Bakery

Another American classic that maintained a loyal customer base, and is immensely popular among the London crowd. Enjoy classic American style desserts like Brooklyn Blackout Cake to the quirky Rainbow Pinata Cake, and the Mississippi Pie, or pack away their selection of petite cupcakes to share with loved ones.

"My favorite here is their carrot cake, sumptuous, it melts in your mouth plus the staff are nice and friendly specially Juliet. She always makes my fave latte with a smile. Quality of cakes is superb, the place is clean and always sanitized, staff are very welcoming. Keep coming back here for sure,"

says Sydney Gloriane.

4. Bageri Form

Specialising in Scandinavian desserts, this artisanal bakery will have you drooling over their masterfully baked gourmet desserts. Besides the delicious variety of treats that they offer, what sets this bakery apart is their live demonstrations. At the bakery, you can watch the chef create stunning desserts. All the sweet treats are freshly handmade, with dough fermented for at least 24 hours. Head over to their Instagram to catch a glimpse of their mouth watering delicacies like their Viennoiseries, fluffy soft bread, and a variety of sweet and savoury pastries.

"A small place that serves fresh pastries.
Loved everything I’ve tried, freshly made and so delicious. A lot of options on the menu, I recommend the creme brulee and the ricotta cheese ones, but definitely coming again to try more dishes,"

says Maryam Alobeidli.

5. Sugaholic Bakery

Run by sisters Sneha and Ravisha Bhatia, Sugaholic is rated as one of the best cake shops in Dubai. This bakery, initially a home business, scaled up to a bake shop. Specialising in intricately made cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other baked goodies, Sugaholic expertise lies in all things cake. With a score of celebrity patrons endorsing their work, this bakery has cakes for any event from graduation to birthdays. If that’s not enough to convince you, Sugaholic also holds the World Record for the tallest tower of cupcakes, 8000 to exact!

"Everything from customer service to the quality and look of the cake, Sugaholic are one of the best in the world! they don't create cakes they create a piece of art and a memory,"

says Kris Fade.

6. Habib Bakery

Habib Bakery is perhaps the oldest and most diverse bakeries in Dubai, because their menu covers items from all over the world. Started as a relatively small family business, this bakery has now expanded into a culinary haven. Offering everything from a variety to handmade bread, crumply pastries, saccharine baklava and rich laddoos, Habib bakery is any sweet lover's dream.

"We have tried a various bakeries in Dubai however Habib bakeries items are so delicious. Additionally, it provided me Desi scents of cookies. They have plenty of options in cakes, cookies, baklava and puff pastry. I really like puff pastry. They are well known and trust worthy as well. If you are looking good bakery point I will highly recommend to visit this point at least at once and try their delicious cakes and cookies,"

says Adeeba Naaz.

7. Yamanote Atelier

Does a Pikachu shaped bun pique your interest? Yamanote Atelier will satisfy your cravings for cute and yummy desserts. Yamanote Atelier is an artisanal bakery that blends the Japanese authentic dessert experience with Western baking techniques to create irresistible goodies. Try their latest invention, the Sakura Danish to experience the medley of flavors that this delightful bakery offers.

"Possibly the best patisserie in town. They prepare fresh croissants, pastries, cookies and all kind of savory delicatessen. The place is bright and welcoming, the staff very courteous. A must try outlet on weekends, if you’re not afraid of those extra calories…"

says Alex N.

8. Milk Bakery

Your birthday rolling around and you're tired of the basic old fashioned cakes that you've eaten time and time again? Milk has what you're looking for. Their Insta-worthy cakes are constantly viral on social media, and for good reason. Beautifully designed and created, Milk offers a diverse variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, and breakfast foods. If you're craving a flavorful savory bite, try their Zaatar Babka, or for those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Babka.

"I have tried their cookies and I must say they were heavenly, as soon as you take a bite the Nutella melts in your mind and THE WHITE CHOCOLATE COOKIES they were from space they tasted amazing, we thought it would be from the ones in display but they actually made us fresh cookies and it didn’t take a long time which is pretty good! Also, the atmosphere felt really good,"

says Yaz.

9. Flaky Pastry Croissant Co.

A haven for pastry lovers, Flaky Pastry is Dubai's first gourmet croissanterie. As it's name suggests, Flaky Pastry specialized in "laminated dough concepts", a.k.a croissants. You can see the attention to detail in the intricate layers, filled with gooey goodness, and glazed with sugar. The highlight of this bakery is it's show kitchen where you can watch the chef whip up the Viennoiseries and pastries from scratch. Also on the menu is specialty coffee and a number of vegan items.

"Oh boy, let me tell you about the flaky pastry croissant experience I just had. It was like biting into a cloud made of buttery goodness! I mean, I've had croissants before, but the ones here were something else,"

says Muhammad Ibrahim Asif.

10. Cake Bloom

The first Korean Cakery in Dubai, Cake Bloom is known for it's gluten free, minimalistic, pastel cakes, that look almost too pretty to eat. First popular for their burger box cakes, which consists on mini bespoke cakes in burger boxes, Cake Bloom now offers pastries, breads and Korean drinks. Baking is truly an art at this innovative shop.

"I am not lying when i say they have the best cakes. Personally i don’t even like cakes but the cakes here were so fluffy, soft, light and very delicious especially the vanilla with strawberry slices. The interior is very pretty and unique, i like the aesthetic of the restaurant from the outside and inside. 10/10,"

says Yosra Gamal.

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