The Recent Rise in Influencers and Self-Employment in the Youth

The Recent Rise in Influencers and Self-Employment in the Youth

There is a recent rise in the market of young influencers, entrepreneurs and freelancers that specialise in their preferred professional sector. With many people in the millennial age group choosing not to be employed by organisations or firms but would rather work for themselves for various reasons.

This recent shift can be seen growing in the UAE and all around the world in youngsters from jobs to self-employment.  Most youth do not feel jobs are fulfilling their need to achieve something more, terming jobs as mundane, routinely or repetitive in comparison to being creative and a challenging learning experience.

Influencer Marketing on the Rise

Influencer marketing has now become a big aspect of the country’s social media marketing scene, with almost all brands tying up with known influencers to get trendy reels and marketing campaigns that are out of the box and make a difference in the brand’s image. We see how brands are perceived differently by being tied up to different influencers and how they affect the market of audience targeted.

Influencer marketing is the go-to for reinforcing brand reputation, foster credibility and gain audience trust. Keeping this in mind, most people now find it easier to earn through content creation with freedom on creativity rather than work a 9 to 5 job.

Fresh Graduates

The keenest to get a job and experience, the fresh graduates seem to continue to look for jobs right after college and may continue in the job if made a permanent employee by making a career out of their first internship or job experience.

As organisations prefer to hire more experienced employees, these fresh graduates end up with finding other ways for an income. The reason they choose to freelancing and using social media platforms to earn a living. As Dubai is a busy tourist destination, there is no shortage of tourist attractions, F&B spots and deals to feature and talk about on socials, making it the best available option for them.


Most youngsters do not prefer the office environment, post the pandemic and working from home has taught the world that it is possible to do work outside an office. People believe that traveling to the office is a non-essential part of the work life that is already taking up space in their day. The ability to work from home lets people get their work done while still be catching up with their house work.

We can also see the rise of negative notions behind the micro-management that offices lead to and how it effects employee health and behaviour at the workplace. Mostly trending reels about the office on the social media app Instagram have a satirical way of re-creating workplace problems that are dealt with by most employees.


An issue that has been quite frequently talked about with the recent change of the weekend days, most people are conflicted with companies offering a one-day off instead of two or a day-off mid-week rather than on the new weekend. As more and more people choose to be self-employed, they are now free to choose their day-offs depending on their workload and manage it better to suit their lifestyle.

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