Buttery Goodness: Top Spots to Try The Yummiest Popcorn in Dubai

Buttery Goodness: Top Spots to Try The Yummiest Popcorn in Dubai

When it comes to indulging in delightful treats, popcorn undoubtedly ranks high on all our lists. This simple yet incredibly versatile snack has evolved far beyond its movie theater origins and has become a gourmet sensation around the world.

Are you tired of snacking on the same old boring buttery popcorn? Well, we’ve got an exciting list for you! Embark on a delicious adventure through Dubai's most popping places for this beloved snack. From typical movie theaters to quirky gourmet stores, there is a plethora of options to satisfy your needs and elevate your popcorn experience.

There are various flavors of popcorn to explore, from cheesy and buttery to chocolate coated with caramel - you'll be on a heart-filling journey like no other!

Let’s explore some of the best spots to enjoy popcorn in Dubai.

Garrett Popcorn

Whether you prefer sweet strawberry flavored popcorn or hot and spicy cheese popcorn, Garrett Popcorn has plenty of popcorn varieties for you to choose from. Get a box of chocolate, cheese, strawberry, and caramel mix that will tantalize your taste buds. This delectable combination of sweets and savory is something that you shouldn't miss! Their menu also includes a rainbow-colored popcorn jar that tastes just as good as it looks. Garrett Popcorn also celebrates Christmas and other festivals and holidays with special flavors and themed packages.

Location: Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, Al Khawaneej Walk

Price: From AED 35 (share bag for two)

Let's Popcorn

Let's Popcorn is another popular spot to get flavorful popcorn in Dubai. It has over 50 plus flavors that ae prepared with their signature secret recipes.  As these yummy snacks are air-popped and oil-free, you can enjoy it completely guilt free.  This unique cooking process maintains the nutritional value of the kernels. Some enticing flavors are caramel cinnamon, pop velvet, chili nachos and cheese, chili flavor, and cheesy jalapeno. Other unique combos include biryani-flavored popcorn, which adds an Indian twist to the popular snack.  You can also try the black and white popcorn, which is made with caramel milk and sprinkled with chocolate biscuit on top.

Location: Multiple locations including Times Square, Dubai Festival City Mall and JBR

Price: From AED 18

The Popkorner

The Popkorner is a gourmet popcorn shop in Dubai with a wide variety of tempting popcorn flavors. This store offers custom packages for special events. Create a mix of delectable popcorn flavors packed in an attractive package which makes for the perfect gift to give your friends and loved ones. Choose from a wide selection of flavors from Popkorner's extensive menu in Dubai. You can also order your favorite blend or single flavor from their online store.

Location: Circle Mall, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Price: From AED 25 for a single pack | From AED 144 for a tin

Popcorn Passion

If you thought popcorn was merely a snack to munch on while watching a movie or a enjoying the thrill of a theme park, think again. Popcorn Passion, a popular popcorn shop in Dubai, will blow your taste buds away. With a selection of delicious choices, this popcorn shop elevates the basic popped kernel to a new level of delight. Sweet popcorn flavored with tempting fruit extracts and caramel popcorn richly sprinkled with crunchy nuts are two popular examples. There is also vegan popcorn with cheese and plant-based ingredients available. They also sell Doritos-flavored popcorn for those who can't get enough of that tempting zing!

Location: Tamani Arts Towers, G-07, Business Bay

Price: From AED 10|From AED 21 for special flavors

Magic Corn

Adding a touch of allure to the traditional corn experience in Dubai is Magic Corn. Typically, a sweet corn shop, Magic Corn is a popular kiosks-type corn shop in Dubai that specializes in hot and yummy corn kernels in salty, spicy or tangy flavor. This yummy treat is a classic if you’ve been brought up here or have even visited the city– there’s no chance you haven’t tried it at least once. Magic Corn’s kiosks can be found at most malls across Dubai. This shop also offers delicious popcorn treats. The customers are offered a unique box of popcorn available in two flavors – Cheddar cheese and Sea Salt caramel. So, it’s the perfect way to eat this delicious, buttery snack anywhere and whenever you want!

Location: Located at many malls across Dubai

Sweet Inc at Vox Cinemas

For those seeking a cinematic and popcorn delight, Sweet Inc at Vox Cinemas is a new popcorn spot in Dubai that should not be missed. Sweet Inc is a new in-cinema shop located at the Mall of the Emirates serving a huge variety of popcorns, candies as well as crepes, waffles, milkshakes, etc that you can enjoy with your movie - how cool is this concept! Enjoy up to 10 new exotic popcorn flavors, pick and mix candies and so much more at Vox Cinemas! The fusion of entertainment and innovative snacks makes Sweet Inc a prime spot for popcorn enthusiasts in Dubai. Movie dates are going to be so much fun now!

Location: Vox Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates

Price: AED 15 per 100 grams

Other Spots to try:

Other places to try popcorn in Dubai include Reel Cinemas, Roxy Cinemas, Vox Cinemas, Novo Cinemas and at other concept based and unique cinemas in Dubai. You can also buy packed popcorn packets from your nearest supermarket or grocery store. Tiffany’s Papa Joe Popcorn that are available in – Sweet and Salty, Caramel and Butter flavors are a must try! Or if you want to go for the classic popcorn without hurting your wallets, you can try the popcorn stands that can be found in all malls, supermarkets and outlets across Dubai.

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