Understanding UAE Law: Guidelines on Salary Deductions and Pay Suspension for Domestic Workers

Understanding UAE Law: Guidelines on Salary Deductions and Pay Suspension for Domestic Workers

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), recent executive regulations aim to safeguard the rights of domestic workers, covering 19 specific occupations.

Enforced under Federal Decree by Law No. (9) of 2022, these regulations ensure clarity on employment terms, including daily and weekly rest periods, remuneration, and protections against discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, or political opinion.

Salary Deductions and Suspensions

Under these laws, employers may deduct wages to cover serious mistakes or damages caused by the worker, up to a quarter of the repair cost. Disputes over deductions are resolved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) or through legal channels if necessary. Additionally, wages can be suspended during pretrial detention, with reimbursement guaranteed if the worker is not convicted.

Disputes between employers and workers that cannot be resolved amicably must be referred to MoHRE. If unresolved within two weeks, the case proceeds to court with recommendations from MoHRE, exempt from court fees for workers. This ensures a prompt and fair resolution process.

Employer Obligations and Worker Benefits

Employers are obligated to provide essential facilities such as accommodation, meals, and clothing, and ensure timely payment of wages. Workers are entitled to benefits including paid annual leave, sick leave, and a return ticket home every two years. Employers must also respect workers' possession of personal documents like passports.

The UAE's comprehensive framework for domestic workers reflects a commitment to fair treatment and protection of rights, underpinned by clear legal guidelines. By adhering to these regulations, employers contribute to a safe and respectful working environment, ensuring the welfare of domestic workers across the nation.

Occupations Under Domestic Workers Category

In the UAE, domestic workers encompass a diverse range of occupations, totaling 19 specific roles. These include:

  1. Housemaid/servant
  2. Sailor
  3. Guard
  4. Shepherd
  5. Jockey
  6. Tamer
  7. Falcon care-taker
  8. Worker
  9. Housekeeper
  10. Cook
  11. Nanny/babysitter
  12. Farm worker/grower
  13. Gardener
  14. Personal trainer/coach
  15. Private tutor
  16. Home nurse
  17. Personal assistant
  18. Private agricultural engineer
  19. Personal/family driver

These occupations highlight the breadth of roles considered within the category of domestic workers in the UAE, each subject to specific employment regulations and protections under UAE law.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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