UAE increases fuel prices for February 2022

UAE increases fuel prices for February 2022

The UAE has raised fuel prices for February 2022.

The price of Super 98 is set to increase 10.9 per cent to Dhs2.94 next month, compared to Dhs2.65 in January.

The price of Special 95 will also surge 11.4 per cent to Dhs2.82 from Dhs2.53 this month.

The UAE fuel committee also propelled the price for diesel to Dhs2.88 per litre from Dhs2.56 in January.

Meanwhile, 91 E-plus will cost Dhs2.75 next month, up from Dhs2.46 this month.

Crude has soared this month as global markets tightened, with top banks and oil companies saying oil may soon pass $100 a barrel. The advance has been supported as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies haven’t been able to meet planned supply output increases in full in recent months. As worldwide activity continues to recover from the hit delivered by the coronavirus pandemic, product markets are roaring, including gasoline.

News Source: Gulf Business

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