Croatian 'Register of Shipping' recognised by UAE to issue statutory certificates

Croatian 'Register of Shipping' recognised by UAE to issue statutory certificates

The Maritime Administration at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS), where the ministry will recognise CRS to issue maritime statutory certificates and carry out all necessary survey works to ensure the eligibility of ships to sail safely.

As a result of this recognition, all classification societies under the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) are accredited by the UAE.

The MoU was signed by Capt. Abdulla Darwish Al Hayyas, Director of Maritime Transport Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure; and Damir Roje, General Manager of the Croatian Register of Shipping. A number of officials from both sides were present.

Sheikh Nasser Al Qasimi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport Regulations at the Ministry, said,

"By recognising the Croatian Register of Shipping, we continue our cooperation with major international classification societies accredited by the International Association of Classification Societies. This will enable the UAE's maritime sector, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, to enhance its control over the seaworthiness of national ships.

"This makes the UAE one of the few maritime hubs across the globe where shipowners can choose classification certifications that suit their operational requirements and insurance needs and the regions in which their ships operate. They may need to deal with specific classification societies that are preferred in those regions."

He added that with Croatian Register presence in the UAE,

"we will enhance the technical capabilities of the maritime classification sector, and increase the adoption of new and innovative standards for building and maintaining ships, as well as maritime facilities."

Al Qasimi stated,

"The national maritime sector has qualitative capabilities that include over 20 commercial seaports, and a number of the region's key oil-exporting terminals. The UAE's ports welcome over 25,000 commercial ship visits every year, all of which need the services of classification societies for inspections to renew insurance documents and other transactions that require global expertise to prove the ship's eligibility to sail."

For his part, Roje said,

"It is a great achievement to be recognised by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, known worldwide for its commitment to the highest technical standards in classification and accreditation. For us, the UAE is a gateway to the Middle Eastern market. Its ports are one of the busiest in the region, allowing us to receive and serve many ships from neighbouring countries."

He added that the UAE has also contributed a lot towards the elevation of maritime standards through its membership in the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organisation under Category B.

"Our cooperation with the Ministry will have a major role in improving the standards of the International Maritime Organidation (IMO), and in turn, the global maritime sector."

In addition to providing classification and certification services, CRS is known for its great research and development efforts, and for innovating new technologies and products in various areas of the industry. In addition to a long history in classifying warships used by the armed forces, CRS has extensive experience classifying luxury yachts and commercial ships.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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