UAE's top 12 achievements in 2021: New laws; labour rules, visa reforms and more

UAE's top 12 achievements in 2021: New laws; labour rules, visa reforms and more

The UAE celebrated its Golden Jubilee recently, and armed with its stellar achievements, it is looking forward to the next 50 years with optimism and hope.

In competitiveness reports, the country is first globally in 152 indicators; among the top 5 in 274; and among the top 10 in 425.

Biggest legislative reforms in UAE history

The UAE introduced a wide-ranging reform of the country’s legal system. Over 40 laws are included in the changes, which represent the largest legal reform in the young nation’s 50-year history.

Labour reforms

The reforms seek to enhance the resilience and sustainability of the labour market and protect workers' rights. The law places worker welfare at its core, and accordingly, a host of measures will ensure a safe, healthy, and business-conducive environment in the private sector.

Expo brings the world to UAE

Millions of visitors have been wowed by the region’s first World Expo.

UAE passport is most powerful in the world

The Global Passport Index released by Arton Capital ranked it first globally for achieving the highest mobility score, with the passport allowing entry to 152 countries. As many as 98 countries offer visa-free entry, 54 countries offer visas on arrival and 46 countries require a visa before entering the country.


Multiple global indexes have rated the UAE as the safest place in the world. According to Gallup's 2021 Global Law and Order report, about 95 per cent of the country's residents said they feel safe walking alone at night — making it the best globally.

Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking put the UAE at the very top of the list in ensuring the safety of residents, even amid the Omicron threat.

100% vaccinated residents

In a world-first achievement, the UAE has administered at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to 100 per cent of all eligible residents.

Hello Mars, it’s us

The Arab world’s first inter-planetary mission, Hope Probe, reached Mars in February this year.

The trust factor

The UAE Government is among the most trusted in the world, according to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer,  The country received praise for handling the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring safety for its residents.

Haven for foreign investments

The UAE economy is the most attractive regionally to foreign investments.

Talents shine

The country is the first globally in attracting talents. This will only get better with the launch of new residency reforms, including the Golden and Green visas.

Adherence to rule of law and transparency

The UAE remains the best country in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of adherence to the law, thanks to no corruption in the country and the best civil and criminal justice provided to the residents.

Adaptable to changes

The country ranked first globally on the ‘Absence of Bureaucracy’ and second on the ‘Adaptability of Government Policy’ indicators, in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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