Understanding Traffic Violations in Dubai: Decode the Meaning of a Dh400 Fine for Lane Indiscipline

Understanding Traffic Violations in Dubai: Decode the Meaning of a Dh400 Fine for Lane Indiscipline

Radars have been placed at exit signs across the emirate that catch motorists breaking these rules.

Are you one of the motorists who have been issued a 'light vehicle lane discipline' fine by Dubai Police and are unsure about the mistake you made? You are not alone. Many drivers who have received penalties for lane discipline violations on Dubai roads have wondered about the specific violation they committed as drivers.

According to the Dubai Police website, drivers who fail to abide by lane discipline while operating a light vehicle face a fine of Dh400. The motorist will be alerted with an SMS and a link that will direct them to find the details (see below).

The link will provide the details of the violation, including the offence type, time, date, and a picture of the number plate.

Raise an objection to the fine

If the driver is not convinced of the violation, they need to apply for fine objections (online) through the Traffic Department of Deira (Traffic Prosecution) website by visiting the link:

If the fine that was issued is not among the fines listed in the prosecution portal, the driver will have to visit Deira Traffic Department (41 Al Quds St - Al Twar - Al Twar 1 - Dubai) or Al Barsha Traffic Department (Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai) to object to the fine.

To check the status of the application or for any updates, drivers need to contact the Traffic Prosecution via email or call: 04/6063915 or by visiting in person. The updates will not reflect on the system at the Dubai Police call centre 901.

Lane discipline

When we reached out to Dubai Police to ascertain under what circumstances a driver is fined for 'light vehicle lane discipline', they listed out four traffic violations:

  • Not staying in your own lane - keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane
  • Missing the stop line (solid line) while approaching an exit or an intersection and suddenly swerving to enter the exit lane
  • Jumping the queue to cut into a crowded lane causes traffic obstruction
  • Changing lanes dangerously and trying to squeeze in between vehicles when the distance is not suitable

The UAE police stress the importance of sticking to the right or left lane when turning at a traffic intersection. Drivers are also warned not to overtake and move from one lane to another at intersections.

Exit lanes in several areas in Dubai are equipped with radar systems that can detect motorists who change lanes abruptly. These radar systems do not have a visible flash that alerts drivers when they are being penalized.

Live cameras are also present on key roads and junctions across the emirate and the feed is monitored in real-time by traffic police officers at the Command Control Centre.

Using the recorded video, police zoom in on the car number plate and take three photographs in order to prove that the driver has committed a violation. The videos are also archived as proof in case of disputes.

Traffic fine payment

It is essential to adhere to lane discipline for the safety and smooth flow of traffic on Dubai's roads. In case of any traffic violation, motorists can make the fine payment through various channels. This can be done through the website ( or the Dubai Police mobile app on Android and IOS. Drivers need to fill up the required details and proceed to pay the amount.

Residents can find the list of all traffic fines and violations in Dubai here.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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