Vehicle Licence Plate Replacement in Dubai

Vehicle Licence Plate Replacement in Dubai

Maintaining up-to-date vehicle documentation in Dubai is not just a regulatory requirement but a necessity for smooth transportation and legal compliance. Among these documents, the vehicle license plate is critical, as it aids in the identification and regulation of vehicles on the road.

Loss or damage to license plates can occur due to various reasons, and the Dubai government has streamlined the process of replacing these essential items through the Dubai Police and the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).

This article guides you through the required steps to ensure that your vehicle remains legally compliant without undue delay.

Applying for a Lost Item Certificate

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your vehicle's license plate in Dubai, the first crucial step is to secure a Lost Item Certificate. This certificate is a prerequisite for replacing your license plate and can be obtained through an efficient online process managed by the Dubai Police.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Access the Dubai Police Website:
    Start by visiting the official Dubai Police website. Navigate to the services section and select the "Lost Item Certificate" option.
  2. Fill in Personal Details:
    You will be required to enter your email address and Emirates ID or passport number. Under the sub-category options, choose ‘number plates, spare parts, vehicle, and tools’ to specify the nature of your lost item.
  3. Vehicle Information:
    Detailed vehicle information must be entered next. This includes the plate number, the emirate in which it was issued, the car color, and owner's name. It's crucial to provide the exact location, time, and date of the loss to help streamline the process and verification.
  4. Payment of Fees:
    After submitting the required information, you'll need to pay the associated fees. These include an AED 50 online service fee and an AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fee. Note that if this process is conducted at a Smart Police Station, an additional fee of AED 100 is applicable.
  5. Receipt of Transaction Number:
    Upon successful application submission and fee payment, you will receive a transaction number. Keep this number safe as it will be used in subsequent steps.
  6. Certificate Issuance:
    Once your application is reviewed and approved, the Lost Item Certificate will be sent to you via email, completing this part of the process.

This certificate is not just a formality but serves as an official record of the loss, which is essential for the replacement process and for maintaining accurate vehicle records.

Replacement Process through RTA

Once you have obtained the Lost Item Certificate from Dubai Police, the next step is to apply for the vehicle license plate replacement. This can be done either through the RTA's official website or by visiting an approved car testing center in Dubai.

Online Application via RTA Website:

  1. Navigate to the RTA Website:
    Access the RTA's official website and go to the Services section. From there, select the Driver and Car Owner category.
  2. License Plate Replacement Service:
    Within the category, find and click on ‘Apply for Replacing a Lost/Damaged Plate Number’. You will need to log in using your UAE Pass.
  3. Enter Required Details:
    After logging in, provide your personal details along with specific information about your vehicle, such as the plate code, color, and model.
  4. Document Upload and Payment:
    Upload the necessary documents, including the Lost Item Certificate and any other required paperwork. Then, proceed to pay for the service. The fees vary depending on the type of plate you choose (details to be covered in the "Service Fees and Plate Options" section).
  5. Transaction Confirmation:
    Once your payment is processed, you will receive a transaction number, which allows you to track the status of your application.

Collection at Vehicle Testing Centers:

Once your application is confirmed and processed, you can collect your new plates from one of the designated vehicle testing centers. Here are a few options:

  • Shamil Al Qusais
  • AG Cars Al Mamzar
  • Al Mumayaz Aswaq Mizher
  • Tajdeed
  • Tamam Centre
  • Al Mutakamela Al Awir
  • Al Mutakamela Al Quoz
  • Al Mumayaz Barsha Mall
  • Wasel Al Jaddaf

These centers are strategically located across Dubai to facilitate easy access for residents throughout the emirate.

Eligibility and Required Documentation

Applying for a vehicle license plate replacement in Dubai requires adherence to specific eligibility criteria and the submission of particular documents. These requirements vary based on the applicant's status, such as whether they are an individual, a company, or a governmental entity.

For Citizens, GCC Nationals, and Residents:

  1. Original Emirates ID:
    All applicants must present their original Emirates ID at the time of application.
  2. Police Report:
    If the plates were lost, a police report detailing the incident is mandatory.

For Commercial Companies:

  1. Original Emirates ID:
    Representatives applying on behalf of a company must also present their original Emirates ID.
  2. Police Report:
    A police report is required if the license plates were lost.
  3. Company Letter:
    An official letter from the company authorizing the application for plate replacement.

For Companies in Free Zones:

  1. Original Emirates ID:
    Similar to other applicants, the original Emirates ID of the representative is required.
  2. Report on the Loss of the Customs Certificate:
    If applicable, a report concerning the loss of the customs certificate must be provided.
  3. Company Letter:
    A letter from the company situated in the Free Zone, detailing the request for plate replacement.
  4. Free Zone Authority Letter:
    A letter from the Free Zone authority, such as Jafza, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Airport Free Zone, endorsing the application.

For Local and Federal Governmental and Semi-Governmental Entities:

  1. Original Emirates ID:
    The representative's Emirates ID is necessary.
  2. Report on the Loss of the Customs Certificate:
    If the customs certificate has been lost, a report must be submitted.
  3. Governmental Entity Letter:
    A letter from the concerned governmental entity requesting the replacement.

For Diplomatic Bodies:

  1. Original Emirates ID:
    Required from the representative handling the application.
  2. Report on the Loss of the Customs Certificate:
    Necessary if applicable.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Letter:
    A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is crucial for diplomatic bodies seeking plate replacement.

Service Fees and Plate Options

The cost of replacing a vehicle license plate in Dubai varies depending on the type of plate chosen. The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) offers a range of plate designs to suit different preferences and requirements.

Plate Types and Associated Fees:

  1. Standard Plates:
    • Short Plate: AED 35
    • Long Plate: AED 50
  2. Classical Plates:
    • Short Classical Plate: AED 150
    • Long Classical Plate: AED 150
  3. Luxury Plates: AED 500
  4. Special Edition Plates:
    • Motorcycle Short Plate: AED 25
    • Vehicle Registration Card: AED 50
    • Expo Branded Plate: AED 100 (provided that the second plate is identical to the initial one)
    • Dubai Branded Plate: AED 200

Additional Fees:

  • Knowledge and Innovation Fee: An additional AED 20 is applicable if the service fee exceeds AED 50. This fee supports the continuous improvement and innovation of services provided by the RTA.

When replacing lost license plates, it is important to note that the new plates must adhere to the latest design standards set by the RTA. Applicants will need to pay the applicable fees for the new plates in addition to the Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Process Time and Locations for Application

The process of replacing a vehicle license plate in Dubai is designed to be quick and efficient. Here's how long it typically takes and where you can apply:

Process Time:

  • Website: Transactions processed through the RTA website are completed instantly.
  • Customer Happiness Centres or Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres: It typically takes about 10 minutes to complete the process at these locations.

Locations to Apply:

  1. RTA Website: The primary and most convenient option for many, allowing for online processing.
  2. Customer Happiness Centres:
    • Umm Ramool
    • Al Manarah
    • Al Twar
    • Deira
    • Al Barsha
  3. Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres:
    • Tasjeel sites across Al Qusais, Barsha, Warsan, Jebel Ali, Hatta, Discovery Gardens, and City of Arabia.
    • Shamil locations in Muhaisna, Nad Al Hammar, and Al Qusais.
    • AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centres and Al Mutakamela Centers.

Each of these locations is equipped to handle your plate replacement needs, ensuring that the process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The customer or their legal representative must be present in person at the time of application, especially when collecting the new plates.
  2. If the license plate was damaged, it must be submitted to the center during the application process.
  3. If the vehicle plates are lost in one of the GCC countries, the customer must submit a police report stamped by the police department of the concerned country. Transactions specific to Free Zones in Jebel Ali are only processed in the Jebel Ali Centre.
  4. For vehicles with consulate plates, an NOC from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required, and the customer must contact the Customer Happiness Centre - Deira.


What is the procedure if the customer loses the plates in one of the GCC countries?

If only one plate is lost, the customer can drive back to the UAE but must present a police report. If both plates are lost, the RTA forbids the customer from driving the vehicle back to the UAE, and a police report must be presented. Reports issued outside the UAE need to be certified; however, if issued within the country, certification isn't mandatory as it falls under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Police.

Does the customer need to submit the second plate if they want to replace a lost or damaged plate?

If the plate was damaged, the customer must submit it to the center to be replaced with a new one. If a plate was lost, a police report is required. If one plate is lost and the other is old but available, the old one must be submitted to the center to issue two new plates.

Navigating the process of vehicle license plate replacement in Dubai is straightforward thanks to the clear guidelines and efficient service provided by Dubai Police and the RTA.

By understanding the steps involved, preparing the necessary documentation, and adhering to the outlined terms, residents and entities can ensure compliance with local regulations while minimizing downtime. It's important to address any issues related to lost or damaged plates promptly to maintain the legal standing of your vehicle and ensure your uninterrupted ability to drive.

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