How to buy a custom number plate for your car in Dubai

How to buy a custom number plate for your car in Dubai

You’ve bought a new vehicle and you’re looking forward to taking it out for a spin! But before you hit the vibrant streets of Dubai, make sure you have completed your vehicle registration and gotten your Dubai number plate.  Now, instead of paying for any random number plate the Dubai government allows you to use a personalized or custom number plate for your car. If you are interested in remembering a special moment in your life, then you can easily get an RTA special number plate.

Make your car even more special, Let’s find out how to buy special number plate in Dubai.

Who is eligible?

Residents or locals that are living in Dubai and have a valid UAE residence visa and driving license are eligible to apply for custom number plates in Dubai.

How to Apply for a unique number plate?

You can search for an RTA special number plate via the RTA Dubai official website, RTA Customer Happiness Centre as well as RTA approved vehicle registration and inspection centers.

Special Number plate via RTA Website:

The following steps will help you search for your preferred serial or number combinations on the official RTA website:

  1. Open the RTA Dubai official website and select the service ‘Inquire about the distinguished plate numbers.’
  2. Login with your UAE Pass or using your RTA account credentials.
  3. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button given at the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the details of the number plate you want to create this includes – Plate category, plate code, number of digits and plate number
  5. Select the plate category. If you have a privately owned car, then choose ‘private.’
  6. Enter the plate code, which is the alphabet code on a plate
  7. Enter the number of digits you want your plate to have. You can search from a single digit to five-digit numbers. Though, keep in mind that as single digit number are usually the highest.
  8. Enter the exact serial or combination of numbers you want to have on your car’s plate.
  9. Enter the amount you want to pay for the desired number plate (optional).
  10. Click ‘Start search.’
  11. Depending on the criteria you have selected, the RTA database will give you the possible options and tell you if the specific number plate you selected is available or if it is already owned by another driver.

You can also do the same at an RTA customer happiness center and talk to the concerned officer. Head to any of the RTA customer happiness centers located in Umm Ramool, Al Manarah, Al Twar, Deira and Al Barsha. Or visit any of the following vehicle registration and inspection centers in Dubai to inquire for an RTA special number plate:

• Al Qusais Tasjeel
• Barsha Tasjeel
• Al Warsan Tasjeel
• Jebel Ali Tasjeel
• Hatta Tasjeel
• Al Tawar Cars Testing
• Tasjeel Discovery Gardens
• Al Aweer Tasjeel
• Tasjeel City of Arabia
• Al Adheed Shamil
• Muhaisna Shamil
• Nad Al Hammar Shamil
• Shamil Al Qusais
• Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing - Aswaaq Mizher
• Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing - Al Barsha Mall
• Wasel Vehicle Testing - Al Jaddaf
• Wasel Vehicle Testing - Arabian Centre
• Wasel Vehicle Testing - Nad Al Hammar
• AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre - Deira
• AG Cars Vehicle Testing - Al Mamzar
• Al Mutakamela Center - Al Aweer
• Al Mutakamela Center - Al Qouz
• Tamam Vehicle Testing
• Al Yalayis Vehicle Testing
• Quick Registration Vehicle Testing Centre - Seih Shuaib

Note that there are no service charges applicable on inquiring about unique number plates in Dubai.

How to buy a special number plate in Dubai?

The RTA database displays the available license plate with an "Available for Buying" option and the price of the number plate with it. You can choose to purchase your desired number combination after learning whether it is available. To make a payment, however, you must visit an RTA approved vehicle registration and inspection center listed above or any of the RTA customer happiness center in the areas mentioned above.

The car license plates are more than just a vehicle identification number in Dubai and even throughout the other Emirates. Famous license plates are in demand and frequently sold at auction. One-digit license plates are among the most sought-after and expensive license plates available in the UAE. Dubai is especially known for selling unique number plate for millions of Dirhams like the recent ‘P7' number plate that was sold for a record-breaking DH55M. You can participate in these auctions and buy the special number plate you want either online or visit the hall where the auction will be conducted.

Required documents to participate in electronic/open auction:

For electronic auction - Security cheque worth 5,000 AED

For open auction (hall Auction) - Security cheque worth 25,000 AED, Emirates ID (for individuals only)

Process for buying special plate in an electronic/ open auction:

Electronic auction:

  • Log in to the RTA website using your account details or your traffic file details if you don’t have an account
  • After you head over to the licensing and Plates section, submit the required documents needed for the auction
  • Then, you will need to pay the security and the participation fees.
  • You will then receive the payment receipt after which you can continue the process to access the electronic auction.
  • Once the auction starts, you can bid on numbers of your choice.
  • Once you have bought the plate of your choice, you will receive the plates at the end of the auction.
  • If you do not take a plate at the end of the auction, amount of 500 AED will be deducted from the security fees.
  • If you buy a plate and settle the fees online, you will receive the certificate of ownership after 5 working days.

The same process if followed for the open auction, with the only difference being that once you have paid the security and participation fees, you will get the access to visit the site of the auction.

Fees of buying a special number plate in Dubai:

In Dubai, each short plate costs 35 AED on average, compared to 50 AED for each long plate. Expect to pay 200 AED if you want plates with the Dubai logo. Luxury plates are 500 AED, while plates with the Expo logo cost 100 AED. Service fees are 50 AED for a new ownership certificate, 10 AED for an expiry sticker and 20 AED in knowledge and innovation fees.

Electronic auction fees:

The Electronic auction fees includes a participation fee of AED 100, a security cheque of AED 5,000 and an additional AED 20 in Knowledge and innovation fees.

Open auction (hall auction) fees:

The open auction fees include a participation fee of 100 AED, a security cheque of AED 25,000 and an additional AED 20 AED in Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Note: The participation fee amounting to 120 AED is non-refundable.

Things to remember before buying a special number plate in Dubai:

If you're considering getting a special number plate in Dubai, there are a few important things to keep in mind before you make your purchase. Here are some of the key considerations:

1. Special number plates can be expensive, with prices ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dirhams. So, make sure you set a budget and stick to it to avoid overspending.

2. Not all number plates are always available for purchase. Check with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to see what plates are currently available.

3. If you plan to sell your car in the future, keep in mind that special number plates can add to the resale value of your vehicle. However, this can also depend on the popularity and demand for the specific plate.

4.  In addition to the initial cost of the plate, there are also annual renewal fees that must be paid to maintain ownership of the plate.

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