Useful mobile apps every Dubai resident should have

Useful mobile apps every Dubai resident should have

Mobile apps continue to make our lives easier. Ordering or availing a service through a few taps on our phones has made us skip the waiting in long lines ultimately getting our work done faster. As a resident in Dubai, these apps are very useful and are a must-have for every individual. Download them now if you don’t have them already!

1. Dubai Now

Dubai Now is a one-stop-shop for every resident in Dubai. It has 11 topic headings that cover anything and everything that is important to your life in Dubai such as- public transport, education, security and justice, health, driving, business, residency, Islam, and housing.  This incredible app allows you to- check your visa status, parking info, pay your DEWA bills and traffic and police fines. You can access information and services from government entities and top up your Nol card. In addition to that, it allows you to search your nearest hospital, police station and mosques using the GPS tracking system available in the app. Living in Dubai, this is an absolute must-have app as it makes everything easy to access.

2. RTA

The RTA app is the Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority’s official app and is a must-have for everyone in Dubai. It has many features like- journey planning, maps, timetables, and it also allows you to renew your driving license and your car’s registration.  It helps you to find a parking space when you can’t find one, check your balance or top up your Nol Card, pay your car park fines, book taxis and find the nearest metro station. Their fare calculator helps you to know the exact fare when using any of the public transport. Whether you’re a resident driving your own car or using public transport to go around or if you’re a tourist in Dubai, this app is very useful for all your local traveling needs.

3. Dubai Calendar

The Dubai Calendar is an app launched and maintained by the Department of Tourism to help you know all the activities that are taking place in Dubai. With so much happening in Dubai every day, it can be hard to keep track of all the events. The Dubai Calendar app gives you access to a complete list of upcoming concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, promotions, and events related to music, culture, art fashion health sport. You get to learn about all the new and exciting events that are going to take place in Dubai as soon as they are announced, and you can also book your tickets at the same time through the app. It also allows you to filter the events as per your interest.

4. InstaShop

Feeling lazy to go all the way to the supermarket just to buy a few things? You can order your groceries online through the InstaShop app.  It is one of the most popular delivery apps among people living in the UAE. This easy-to-use app is specially known for its speedy delivery so no more waiting in long lines at the market. It offers you a hassle-free online shopping experience by bringing all your local supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, bakeries, and more at your fingertips. From Spinneys, Carrefour, Choithrams, Dunkin, Marks & Spencer’s PAUL, Cafe Bateel etc. there’s a wide range of brands and products available for you to shop. Be it snacks, groceries, organic products, seafood, stationery, cosmetics, flowers, or household items, they deliver it all at your doorstep just through a click of a button.

5. Zomato

Online food delivery apps have become very common and popular today. Zomato is a very popular food delivery service app in UAE. It lets you browse through various restaurants near you, order and deliver your food. Besides that, it also has feature like- table reservations, contact details, map directions, ratings and reviews and tells you about the approx. cost for each restaurant. You can track your order with their live tracking system that is available on the app. You also get to avail offers and discounts through Zomato, choose to become a pro member and get up to 40 % discount on dining experiences and 25% off when you order food. If you’re not sure where to order from or want to try something new, you can browse through their specially curated themed collections.

6. Groupon

Groupon UAE is the go-to app for deals, offers, and packages on items, spa days, Desert Safari tours, basically anything there is to do, see and eat in the UAE. You no longer have to pay full price for any activity you plan in Dubai. The best part is that there are no loopholes, what you see is what you get. Groupon offers an array of discounts, and two-for-one deals for a huge range of retailers, restaurants and more.  This app is the best for people who live their lives in Dubai on a budget. It is also best for getting affordable tourist packages for your relatives traveling to Dubai.

7. S’hail

This app is an official service from Dubai’s Roads & Transports Authority, and it is designed to help you with the navigation and scheduling of public transport systems- Taxis, Bus, Metro, Trams, and Ferries. It provides you with timetables, suggest you with the shortest route for your destination. It also advices you on any potential delays, lets you share the trip with others and includes the amount of walking time if you choose to walk instead. The app makes it easier to travel using public transport, it gives you the timings when the bus will arrive, the bus routes or what mode of transport is better suited for your destination. If you are someone who travels through public transport in Dubai daily, then this app is very useful for you, and you must download it.

8. Urban Company

Urban Company allows you to book a service from the comfort of your home. This app is the ultimate go-to platform for any Dubai resident looking to find reliable providers of home services as well as professional services. Under home services, the app allows you to hire service professionals such as electricians, plumbers, handymen, and others at pre-set prices. With a list of trusted professionals, you can hire a range of different professional services. Urban Company allows you to compare quotes and read reviews from other users before hiring a service provider. Be it part-time maids, AC service and repairmen, packers and movers, carpenters, pest control services – You can avail an extensive range of services through this app.

9. 800 Pharmacy

Nowadays anything and everything can be ordered online, even medicines! You can order your medicines whether it is a simple Panadol or cough syrup or prescription meds. This app has a wide selection of medicine and health products that you can order from, it delivers 24/7 So even if your nearest pharmacy is closed you can always order your required medicine from this app. You can also upload the doctor’s prescription and add your insurance details on the app. The team behind 800 Pharmacy is managed by professional pharmacists who follow global standards and always adhere to all the rules and regulations of UAE.

10. Champion Cleaners

What’s better than doing laundry on your own? Getting your laundry done through an app on your phone! Champion Cleaners is a premium dry cleaning and laundry service app that provides services like-Alterations Clinique, Bags and shoes cleaning and preservation, Wedding gown cleaning and preservation, Leather cleaning, Carpet and upholstery cleaning, Permanent garment creasing and Soft toy cleaning. They’re known for their meticulous garment finishing and presentation touches using the best pressing and garment finishing units. They offer free pickup and delivery services, and you can also pay by card through their app. This app makes doing your laundry so much easier all you need to do is tap a few buttons on your phone!

11. HiDubai

We know, we know this is a shameless plug, but our app is the number #1 business discovery platform in the region with a registry of more than 150,000 businesses in Dubai. HiDubai lets you search and find information about businesses in your area, engage with a community of people, write and read reviews and make personalized lists of your favorite companies. Besides that, we also provide subsidized marketing solutions for businesses based in Dubai to help them reach a larger audience. Getting to know Dubai has never been easier with HiDubai’s mobile app!

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