How to sponsor your family in Dubai? Here’s all you need to know

How to sponsor your family in Dubai? Here’s all you need to know

UAE’s population as of today is approximately around 10 million out of Dubai takes up around population 4 million of the population. Dubai is known as the city of dreams where people from all over the world come seeking a better future for themselves and their family. Over 80% of UAE’s population is made up of expats who are looking for a higher standard of life. Often expats move to Dubai for work and once they’re settled they want to bring their family here too.

Here’s a complete guide on how to sponsor your family in Dubai.

Eligibility for sponsoring family visa

Any expatriate can sponsor his or her family if they have a valid residency permit. In 2019. UAE updated the family visa rules, one can sponsor their spouse, parents, or children if they meet the requirement minimum salary for sponsoring their family in UAE. The minimum salary for sponsoring your family in Dubai is AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation for male sponsors. Which means that there is no restriction on the type of profession one has as long as they match the salary limit. While there are other conditions that are considered whether you can take care of the sponsored person’s needs is the main criteria.

What are the documents required?

Most importantly, you must have a valid Dubai residence visa in UAE. When sponsoring a family member’s sponsorship application, the GDFRA will require the following documents:

• Salary slip or employer’s certificate
• Attested labor contract
• UAE certified personal bank statements of the sponsor
• Registered tenancy contract (attested by Ejari)
• Latest DEWA bill
• Passport copies of those being sponsored (passports should be valid for at least        six months)
• Photos of those being sponsored (passport size against a white background)
• Medical clearance certificates
• Copy of employment contract/company contract
• Emirates Id registration form
• Medical check up result

How to apply for Family Visa in Dubai?

You can apply for sponsorship of visa through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDFRA) ‘s website/ smart app or through any Amer service center or other government service centers in Dubai.  Here’s a step-by-step process on how to apply through each of these channels:

Applying through the GDFRA website/ Smart App:

  1. Login to the website or download the smart app from app store or play store
  2. Register a new account in case there in no account, for which you’ll need to pay the required fees in order to open a file as a sponsor
  3. Select the Family Visa Service on the services mentioned on the site or on the app
  4. Fill in the application adding your details, contact number, email etc.
  5. Attach all the required documents
  6. Pay the fees
  7. Submit the application

Applying through Amer Center or other typing centers in Dubai:

  1. Head over to the nearest Amer center or any other typing center in your area
  2. Select the family visa service at the reception
  3. Fill in the application form adding your details, contact number, email etc
  4. Submit the required documents
  5. Pay the fees + an extra service fee of Amer
  6. Submit the application

Once you are done with application, you will get an SMS and email with the status of your application. Approved application will be sent by e-mail. In any case, if there are nay missing documents in your application you will be required to attach those documents within 30 days if you fail to do so your application will be cancelled.

Sponsoring family members in Dubai:

The conditions for sponsoring a family member are different depending on the person you want to sponsor.

Sponsoring Spouse:

A resident employed in Dubai can sponsor his wife if he meets the minimum salary requirements. Since, UAE has updated its family visa rules, it has become easy for anyone meeting the salary limit to sponsor their wives and family in Dubai. Along with all the documents you will need to provide a marriage certificate in Arabic or duly translated into Arabic by a certified translator. The marriage certificate needs to be attested in your home country and in UAE. In special cases, a Muslim resident can also sponsor two wives if he meets certain terms and conditions by the GDFRA.

Sponsoring children in Dubai

To sponsor a residence visa for a child in Dubai, the requirement is slightly different for sons, daughters, and stepchildren. Residents can sponsor their daughters in Dubai till the time they are unmarried. Whereas sons can only be sponsored by the parents until their 18thbirthday unless the son is studying in UAE or abroad. For which, the son has to set foot in Dubai one or more times in a 6 month period to maintain the validity of the visa. After the age of 18, the visa lasts for 12 months and can be renewed every year until they finish their studies. Once graduated, a son can renew his visa for another 12 months although a proof of degree certificate will be needed. Expats can also sponsor stepchildren under the conditions laid out by GDFRA which includes paying a deposit for each child as well as obtaining a no-objection certificate from the biological parent. The government grants residence visas for step children for one year, which can be renewed annually.

Sponsoring parents in Dubai

Expats can sponsor their parent’s residency visa which are a year-long like the son’s visa. You are required to pay a sum as an assurance for each parent, it is important to note that you cannot just bring one parent to Dubai- It must be both. However, if one of the parents is dead or the parents are separated or divorced, then a proof must be provided to justify to sponsor only one parent visa in Dubai. Additionally, anyone who wishes to provide sponsorship for their parents’ visa must earn a certain amount of AED 20, 000 or more and both parents need to have medical insurance with a certain level of coverage in place and must be renewed annually. Also, you can only sponsor parents if it can be proved that you are their sole support.

Can women sponsor their family in Dubai?

In some cases, women can also sponsor the visa applications for her family. Although there are a few requirements that must be met, for instance – she will need to have a monthly income of at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation. Besides this, she will also need a consent from the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD). A single mother can also sponsor her children although additional information may be requested by the authorities.

Duration of sponsorship

The duration of residence visa depends on the type of sponsor and the person sponsored. The validity is usually for up to 2 years, but the exact duration depends on the job of the sponsor and his or her labor contact. The family’s residence permit is linked to the sponsor’s residence permit. This excludes parents and adult sons, who get a residence visa in the UAE for one year. Similarly, if the sponsor’s visa is cancelled, the dependents’ visas will be cancelled as well.  When the dependent’s visa expires or gets cancelled, s/he has 30 days to get a new one. If they fail to do so, they will become illegal residents and must pay an overstay fine of AED 25 per day.

Medical Fitness Test

The UAE government grants and renews residence visas in the UAE for individuals 18 and above only after they take a medical fitness test at a government-approved health center. This involves a blood test and an X-ray. Dependents may also be tested for other health conditions. If a person is declared medically unfit, they will not be given a visa.

Cost of Family Visa in Dubai:

To get the family visa in Dubai there are many procedures and steps you need to follow. Each of which has a fee of its own. Here is a complete breakdown of all the costs you’ll need in order to get a family visa in Dubai:

• GDFRA fees AED 20 – AED 50 (for companies) AED 15 (individuals)
• Amer service fees AED 100
• Document Attestation from MOFAIC AED 160
• File Opening as a sponsor (GDFRA) AED 269
• Entry Permit (for bringing your family to Dubai and then directly going ahead         with the medical test) AED 500
• Change of Status (if family is already in UAE) AED 675
• Medical Test AED 320 | VIP service AED 570
• Emirates ID application – depends on the duration of your visa:
o 1 year- AED 170
o 2 years- AED 270
o 3 years- AED 370
o Golden Visa AED 1,070
• Visa Stamping* AED 500

* UAE government has announced that visas will no longer be stamped on the passport with the Emirates ID being the main proof of residency

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