Plan Your Way into 2024: Where to Score the Best Planners in Dubai

Plan Your Way into 2024: Where to Score the Best Planners in Dubai

2024 is less than a week away. Most of us are getting ready for the 'New Year, New Me' thing. A new year calls for new resolutions, new routines, and new plans. The best way to get motivated throughout the entire year is to have your plan written. This is your cue to get a 2024 planner before the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve.

Looking for the perfect planner to organize your life in 2024? Look no further! Dubai offers a variety of options to cater to your planning needs. Here's a listicle highlighting the best places to get 2024 planners in the vibrant city.


Kinokuniya Bookshop at Dubai Mall | Visit Dubai

Claiming the title of the largest bookstore in Dubai, Kinokuniya stands out as a haven for book enthusiasts. With an expansive 39,000 square feet space, this bookstore boasts an extensive collection, featuring over a million books, magazines, games, collectibles, and toys in English, Arabic, Japanese, and French. Upon stepping into this literary wonderland, you will be captivated by its diverse selection, catering to all tastes from fiction to nonfiction, and children's books to adult reads.

Kinokuniya houses a wide variety of diaries and planners under AED100. From cute icons to aesthetic patterns on the front covers, these planners will surely motivate you to keep track of your resolutions. Do check out their online store or physical store in Dubai Mall.

Typo Middle East

Launched in 2009, Typo emerged with a mission to enhance the appeal of ordinary items by infusing them with color, art, and design. This approach empowers customers to personalize their spaces and commemorate events distinctively. Typo stands out as a comprehensive concept store, offering a diverse range of trendy gift ideas, stylish stationery, captivating room décor, and an array of irresistible products.

You can get beautiful and cute planners at this store in Dubai. The prices are in the affordable range. They also have a good collection of notebooks up their shelves.

Fun Learning Store

2024 Daily Planner | Set dreams – Fun Learning Store

Fun Learning Store is a go-to destination for top-notch educational games, toys, and school supplies. Founded in 2016 in the United Arab Emirates and managed by Smart Skills Educational Aids Trading, the store is dedicated to offering a carefully curated selection of products that promote creativity, critical thinking, and skill development in children.

At the store, you can find planners starting from just AED69. You can also get New Year Gift boxes from the store that include planners, to-do lists, stickers, coasters, bookmarks, and more. Fun Learning Store is primarily an online store.

Brands For Less

Lessons Learned Growing The Brands For Less Group On Its 20th Anniversary  In The UAE | Entrepreneur

The BFL Group is a leading off-price retailer based in the UAE that operates globally across the Middle East and Europe. Originating in Lebanon in 1996 with the Brands for Less model, they expanded to the UAE in 2000. With a commitment to offering exceptional fashion and homeware at up to 80% off retail prices, the "Treasure Hunt" model ensures a constantly refreshed inventory. The group introduces innovative concepts like Toys For Less and ventures into e-commerce to enhance accessibility globally.

Though it is primarily a fashion and accessories store, you can also find great planners, diaries, and journals on their shelves. Starting from just AED15, you can get weekly, monthly, and yearly planners at this retail store in Dubai.

Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore | Futuristic look for flagship store in Dubai

Established in the UAE in 2001, Virgin Megastore has expanded to over 40 stores in 9 Middle East and North Africa markets. Offering a diverse range of lifestyle products, it serves as a one-stop shop for fashion, culture, technology, entertainment, and beauty. With an omni-channel presence, including physical and online stores, Virgin Megastore provides a unique entertainment retail experience. Engaging with local cultures through events and support for artists, it combines a global brand presence with localized flavor.

They have a commendable collection of diaries and planners. With beautiful covers and efficient spreads, you will surely be able to schedule your year with it.


Mumzworld: She founded the largest e-commerce site for mothers in the  Middle East

Mumzworld is the first and largest online shopping site in the Middle East for mothers, baby and child, servicing the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Lebanon and shipping all over the world. Established in 2011, Mumzworld originated from the vision of a dedicated team of experienced entrepreneurs and parents who, amidst their hectic lives, perceived a gap in the market. Unimpressed with the limited product offerings and information available in bustling malls and scattered online stores, they aspired to create a one-stop platform for families in the Middle East.

This retail store in Dubai also has a pretty good collection of planners and journals. From baby planners to wedding planners, you are sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Instagram Businesses to Check for 2024 Planners

Many small businesses have taken to Instagram to sell aesthetic planners. These planners are carefully curated and can be customized. Here are some of the businesses on Instagram to check out for 2024 planners.





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