'Winter Through My Eyes' shares touching story of winter holidays in UAE

'Winter Through My Eyes' shares touching story of winter holidays in UAE

The UAE's seven emirates have rich history, geography, nature, urban architecture, and community. The UAE’s archaeological sites, culture centres, historical landmarks, and nature reserves, offer visitors a holistic experience.

Carried out by the UAE Government Media Office, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and relevant tourism and culture entities, "The World’s Coolest Winter" campaign, was first launched to celebrate and promote the UAE’s most beautiful tourism experiences in the 2021 winter travel season.

In 2022, the campaign has returned in its second iteration with a moving story, instead of a typical tourism ad shot with actors.

Sharing an unexpected perspective, an emotional and uplifting film, titled "A Winter Through My Eyes", promoted on social media, starts by asking viewers if a country can truly be enjoyed by someone who cannot see.

Usually, we see travel influencers promoting the beauty and wonders of a place. But this film puts a different spin to travel marketing by inviting UAE residents and tourists to enjoy winter differently by seeing the UAE through a different set of eyes.

It tells the story of a 11-year-old girl, Clara, who has been visually impaired since birth, who got the opportunity to enjoy "The World’s Coolest Winter" in the UAE.

As part of the campaign, Clara was flown to the UAE and in an all-expenses paid trip across the 7 diverse Emirates, her first trip abroad, over a period of one week, she experienced the country’s distinctive destinations and hospitality.

H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, shared the touching film of Clara’s experience on his account on twitter, titled "Joy is in the heart, not in the eyes".

A production crew followed her every day, documenting her real emotions and journey into a compelling story that shows her unique, unfiltered, and authentic perspective.

Sharing her experience, Clara said,

"This winter the UAE was the first country I’ve ever travelled to. And in one just week I’ve enjoyed an entire lifetime."

"You know what I learnt, when you really want to feel something, you don’t need to look with your eyes. You need to look with your heart. So, even if I cannot see, it’s everything I have felt here that has helped me see so much more,"

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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