AECB webinar for students and staff of HCT focuses on importance of credit reports

AECB webinar for students and staff of HCT focuses on importance of credit reports

Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), a UAE federal government entity that provides information and analytics to support credit decisions, has hosted a webinar titled "The Art of Credit - Buy Now, Pay Later" for students and staff of Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).

The webinar, which focused on the importance of credit reports and how they can be used to promote good financial behaviour, drew strong participation from HCT students, teachers, and faculty.

Commenting on the session and the purpose behind it, Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, CEO of AECB, said:

“At AECB, we are committed to educating the younger generation about credit - specifically how to build a healthy credit score and how credit reports can be used as an effective tool to build financial stability. Through educational programmes like these, and with the help of leading universities like HCT, we can raise awareness about the importance of credit reports among a new generation of learners, especially as they prepare for the professional world."

AECB's credit reports are growing in popularity as banks, financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, and government agencies, as well as a growing number of businesses, rely on them to make informed credit decisions. AECB continually works to improve its credit reports by collecting and analysing data on the credit histories of individuals and businesses, including cheque issuances, cheque clearances, telecommunications payments, and payments for water and electricity. By consolidating the data received from the various data providers, the Bureau is the go-to-source for comprehensive information on the credit history of individuals and businesses.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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