Art Dubai 2022 reveals new horizons for participating galleries

Art Dubai 2022 reveals new horizons for participating galleries

Art Dubai, the leading global platform for art and artists from the Middle East and Global South, has opened new creative and commercial horizons for galleries featured in the largest ever edition of the global art fair held this year. Participating galleries praised the event for its “positive energy”, the quality of art on display and the unique opportunities the event generated for them.

Held from 11 - 13 March at the Madinat Jumeirah, Art Dubai 2022 featured more than 120 presentations by 104 galleries and platforms from 44 countries across four main sections: Contemporary, Bawwaba, Modern and new section Art Dubai Digital. The gallery programme was complemented by newly commissioned works by internationally recognised artists, and an innovative, world class talks programme that brings together the brightest minds in the global art world, and the new Bybit Talks Series. The debut edition of Art Dubai Digital featured a new physical gallery section presenting a curated selection of the most cutting-edge digital platforms internationally.

Kristin Hjellegjerde, Founder, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, said,

“We had a very successful week, there was a lot of positive energy, and we sold multiple works to both new and returning clients,”

Dubai is a city in transition, and there is undoubtedly a growing collector scene here, at all levels,”

For many regular participants, the 2022 edition of the art fair was their most successful ever. Victoria Cooke, Director, Gallery 1957 said: “This is our third time at Art Dubai and our most successful edition yet – it’s great to be back. On the opening day we sold works to African-American, South Asian, and regional collectors. Dubai is a truly international place, and it’s been an incredibly positive experience.”

Galleries praised the art forum for the exceptional opportunities it offered to engage with collectors and artists and explore commercial opportunities. Priyanka Raja, Founder, Experimenter, said:

“We had a very successful week, selling almost all the works we brought, mostly to institutions. It’s been one of the strongest editions in Art Dubai’s history, in terms of the quality of the galleries and the art they are showing, and in the conversations we have had. We have met people here from all over the world, made sales to new people and it has been an incredibly fruitful week for us. There has been a constant buzz, on all days of the fair, and as well as the sales we make, Art Dubai is a facilitator or longer-term conversations and feels like a moment of celebration for our artists.”

Thomas Brambilla, Founder, Thomas Brambilla said:

“It was our first time here at Art Dubai and we sold extremely well. It was a beautiful week and we really enjoyed it, in what is a completely new part of the world for us, and one where we plan to do more. Dubai is becoming ever more important, it’s a gateway to the region, and we met a lot of new, serious collectors this week.”

Matteo Consonni, Founder, Madragoa, said,

“This is our first experience of Art Dubai and it has been an extremely positive one. We are a young European gallery and this week we feel like we have been in the centre of the melting pot that is Dubai. We’ve met a lot of people – from the region; people living here who are attracted to the city; as well as locals. We’ve shared great conversations about a Mexican artist whose technique is universal. Sales were consistent across the week and we were pleased to sell out the booth.”

Murat Pilevneli, Founder, PILEVNELI Gallery said:

“We had a very successful week, selling four works and with a strong interest in several more. It’s been great to see so many people interested and engaged with Refik Anadol’s work, and coming here specifically to see it in real life. Our sales were mainly to private collectors based here in Dubai - the level of education and interest in the work has been fantastic.”

Dima Abdul Kader, Emergeast said:

“Art Dubai has been absolutely fantastic for us – the feedback and the traffic has been hugely positive and inspiring. Sales have been great and we almost sold out the booth. This feels like a unique moment in time, and in 12 months it will be a different landscape.”

Galleries were impressed by the dynamism and vibrance of Dubai’s artistic and cultural landscape. Emmanuel Perrotin, Founder, Perrotin said: “Dubai is six hours by plane from two-thirds of the world’s population, and a highly dynamic city that is attracting a new audience. We are always keen to bring our artists’ voices to audiences who do not always have the opportunity to engage with their work. The whole region is developing projects around art, and we want our artists to be able to participate in them.”

The newly added digital sector of the global art fair was one the key highlights of the event for many participating galleries. Joe Kennedy, Founder, said:

“We were thrilled to be invited to participate in Art Dubai's inaugural Digital section which brought together an impeccably curated cross-section of platforms, galleries and DAOs from this innovative and rapidly expanding space. It was a great opportunity for Institut to meet members of our community IRL and educate and engage with a truly global audience, and we had a very successful week.”

Henry Brand, Fingerprints DAO said:

“We chose to do a hybrid booth including both online and IRL elements and we sold very well, with lots of NFTs being minted in person here at the booth - by collectors of all ages, and a really wide demographic. It’s our first time participating in an art fair and we chose a particularly challenging presentation that expands the use of the blockchain as a medium for artists.”

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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