CBBC brands sale to take place at Coca-Cola Arena Dubai for the first time

CBBC brands sale to take place at  Coca-Cola Arena Dubai for the first time

The most famous brand sale is now heading to the famous Coca-Cola Arena for the first time in 18 years. Having their feet firm in Dubai World Trade Centre since 2004, CBBC has set its sights on their mouthwatering brand sale in Coca-Cola Arena from October 5.

Vijay Samyani, founder and chairman of Concept Brands Group, stated his excitement:

“I am very much excited to bring CBBC to Coca-Cola Arena. This will bring a host of opportunities for us as well as for the customers as I will be able to give a fresh face to CBBC. The past 18 years of CBBC have been tremendous and I can’t wait to unveil the new brands and promotions in the upcoming CBBC Shopping Carnival at the Coca-Cola Arena.”

The CBBC Shopping Carnival will redefine and repackage CBBC as a whole giving its customers the ultimate shopping destination. Keeping the excitement and the change of curve in mind, CBBC will stick to its roots which are great prices, discounts, and signature deals.

CBBC Shopping Carnival will be pulling a rabbit out of the hat by giving free parking to its customers at the Coca-Cola Arena. Yes! Free Parking at the Coca-Cola Arena, is something that is not heard of.

“Free parking plays a vital psychological factor in consumer behaviour when it comes to shopping. This is the first time that CBBC will be offering free parking to all its customers that too at the Coca-Cola Arena. This will act as a piece of mind for the customer as they will have ample amount of time to shop. And this is just one of the few surprises for the upcoming CBBC Shopping Carnival,”

added Samyani with a confident smile on his face. CBBC Shopping Carnival will be introducing a variety of bundle deals, price drops on some of the most famous brands such as Lacoste, Fila, Lifestyle, Guess, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Patek Louis, Still19, Shein, Oxxily and many more in the lineup.

The hype is real. The standards are set and the calendar is marked. CBBC Shopping Carnival is coming to the Coca-Cola Arena from October 5 till October 9 where customers can enjoy big brands and affordable prices with free entry and free parking from 10 am to 10 pm.

Any questions and concerns can be reached via WhatsApp or call on +971527910100.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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