DHA Adds Advanced System to Monitor Radiation Doses

DHA Adds Advanced System to Monitor Radiation Doses

The Dubai Health Authority’s Diagnostic Imaging Departments have adopted a state-of-the-art system to closely monitor radiation doses for all radiology services that are provided to patients at the DHA.

DHA is the first health sector in the UAE to adopt this technology across its hospitals.

Dr. Usama Mohammad Hassan Al Bastaki, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Department at the DHA, said,

"DHA hospitals have always adhered to the highest international standards of radiation safety. Within the radiology services, we have a Medical Physics Department that works in coordination with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) to ensure radiation dosage is in line with international standards. We have stringent protocols in place and we cooperate to discuss latest advances in radiation and health imaging. Recently, we have adopted a new dose monitoring technology which is the first of its kind that helps us closely monitor radiation doses for all our services ensuring highest level of patient safety and service delivery."

The Dose Monitoring System ( DMS) is a powerful tool and essential for improved quality and patient care in a radiology department. DMS improves the quality of service, ensures patient safety and optimizes the efficiency of the department.

Dr Al Bastaki added,

"In Rashid Hospital there are three major specialties that require enhanced radiology services, therefore we have specialists in neuroradiology, gastroradiology and chest radiology to ensure high quality services are provided to in the related specialties of neurosciences, gastrointestinal specialties as well the pulmonology medicine. Additionally, we have radiologists with special training in cardiac MRI and today the department is providing all kinds of needed cardiac MRI examinations to serve the patients of the cardiology department. In Dubai hospital, we provide breast radiology services, to support the breast surgery clinic and oncology services at the hospital."

He added that all DHA primary healthcare centers also provide radiology services.

The nuclear medicine department of Dubai Hospital serves the oncology department as well through PET CT services as well management of some diseases such as prostate cancer.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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